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Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa
Brady Investigation Findings Journal

Here is our compiled findings from both teams.  In this report we go area by area and give record of equipment readings, impressions, etc.....

Brady Detailed Investigation Findings: All Teams reporting. 


Area 1 - Entry / Concession & Common areas

Team 1  - Gauss master reading .5 & .6 due to natural sources. Temp steady at 70-71 degrees. Gauss master readings were largely contaminated due to lighting, pipes and other sources. All power to the Brady was shut off but this sensitive meter with less filtering proved to be worthless at this location. A profi II meter was used for rest of the investigation. EMF readings obtained high in the concession area and Readings higher in Concession area. The new meter with better filtering process helped to eliminate the contamination of all the man made EMF sources.

Team 2 - Entry and concession area has great EMF readings obtained. Team 2 obtained EMF readings of 4.0 to 4.5. The 200A EMF meter from 1.5 decrease to 1.0.  In this area team members witnessed the door to the popcorn maker open on it own. The door literally unlatched itself and swung open. Pictures taken did provide one positive photo not yet posted.  (Pic will be posted soon).

Area 2 - Stage / Theater / Orchestra Area

Team 1 - No EMF readings of interest with profi meter. Readings at 0. Temperature stayed a steady 73. No experiences at this time.

Team 2 - No activity experienced in this area and no other readings were obtained. Base was 0 3.6 EMF

Area 3 - Balcony Area

Team 1 - Floor EMF array went off as we approached. No profi meter EMF readings were obtained in this area. On the stage left area of the balcony, members reported smelling a "burning" smell. Temperature stayed at about 68 degrees. One member reported feeling as if something came up very quickly behind her out of the aisle area. She turned around and no one was there, and all uncomfortable feelings had vanished with it.

Team 2 - This team captured some great video that is still in question and may remain forever a mystery in the balcony area of the theater and can be found on the link provided on the data page. EMF readings obtained in base were 0 1.5

**Area 4** - Dressing Rooms and Back Stage areas

Team 1 - (Approximately 2:40 3:00am) Dressing Room stage left had plumbing problem that was not paranormal. No readings obtained in this room or the other dressing rooms. The back (side) stage area has steps that go into different rooms which proved to be most interesting. Up on the second level was a room we called the music room due to the music stands around but it also looked to be a dressing room with mirrors and chairs. Upon entering this room the team psychic, Teri, was getting impressions of a woman with big hair by the name of "Stella or Estelle". She saw her sitting at the makeup table as though getting ready for a performance. This provided some photographic data: Teri took a picture and captured a huge orb in the mirror in the exact place where her face would be located if she was sitting in the chair looking into the mirror. (See picture in the Brady picture gallery). Craig captured an apparition of a woman in the mirror that has big hair. Several orbs were captured and some of which we know are dust and debris, but there were also many others captured that were really intriguing.  All power was off and profit meter started to go crazy getting readings that topped the visually lighted display. This is unusual for this meter as it has the filtering system to eliminate most false positive readings. Readings from 1 to 7 and higher were recorded. Teri called Erik to up to room to compare readings with his 200A EMF meter. Erik came to the room and confirmed the heavy EMF readings from his 200A. Several digital photos were taken with positive results and can be found on the photo gallery page.

Video evidence: Teri saw orbs traveling behind Erik and pointed to them. At the same time both the 200A and profi EMF meters began to react with readings at about 3 or 4. As Teri pointed to the floating orb, Darren Dedo of FOX23 captured the phenomena on video which was not visible to the other team members present. This data was shown on the FOX23 story.

Profi meter held up to electrical outlets and meter did not react. Profi also held up to pipes and did not react. The EMF fluctuations we were experiencing were definitely of a paranormal nature. We were able to rule out all other reasons and explanations.

Team 2 - No phenomena reported. EMF base readings obtained at 0 to 2.0.

Area 5 - Basement

Team 1 - (Approximately 2:10am) No EMF readings of interest obtained. Temperature at about 72 degrees steadily. Team members reported seeing shadows at the doorways. Tina also felt cold spot on her arm. Teri, Tina and Craig went crawling into the pipe chase tunnel. There was a smell of natural gas the other team members could smell, but those in the tunnel could not. The tunnel came to a 'T' and Tina and Craig went left. Teri stayed there. Tina and Craig went down to the ends of that tunnel which again turned, and seemed to go on forever. They did not go past that point. As they were crawling down the tunnel, Teri was taking pictures and being quiet. On the walking log you hear Teri tell Tina and Craig that she isn't going any farther than that.  You can hear her camera taking pictures and then you hear a male voice on the recorder and an EVP was obtained. Craig was the nearest male to my recorder and he was many feet away from me when the EVP was gotten. A clip of his voice was left at the end of the EVP for distance comparison. The EVP can be heard on the data page along with other data and the photo gallery.

Tina had intense feelings in the basement of torture as did Teri and many other team members. The basement was creepy, to say the least. Teri again experienced leg tremors, which she feels were associated with the Tulsa Race riots. Teri believes that part of the torture that occurred there during this time included breaking or decapitating the legs of the victims.   There was little history and much cover-up to the Tulsa Race riots therefore we were unable to correlate this impression with historical backup at this time.  Perhaps later this information may or may not become known to the public, but we post it for that reason.  

Team 2 - Baseline readings 0 to 2.3 and Gauss Master readings of 3.0 at the couch area in the basement. The basement area was profound for this team, as well. Mary had impressions of a woman screaming and beating her fists against the wall trying to get out. Team 2 did not obtain any EVP, Photographic or video data other than what is posted or was seen on the FOX23 Story.

Other areas of interest and sit down:

During the sit down all the members split up and sat in different areas of the theater. Craig saw / felt a woman named "Marilyn" who wanted to make contact with him.  At one point he felt she grabbed his forearm and Craig was lead to the area left of the stage that currently was housing for extra chairs.  Teri, as well, sensed a female spirit and also felt something brush up against her arm. Teri had the impression and sensed that the female spirit was confused, upset and hurt by the entrance there. Historian was able to find records that associated this area with that of the segregated entrance for blacks back in the days. This piece of history backs up and correlates impressions gathered by both Craig and Teri of this area. Orbs were caught on video and profi meters reacted. Photographic and video data was obtained during this time in this area.

The stage manager, Larry, reported that when he opened up the building one day he heard a woman say "Its only Larry" as he entered. That caused him to search frantically for 15 minutes to make sure no one had broken into the building. That was his first encounter with the Brady Spirits. Was it Marilyn or possibly Stella? We'll never know...

During the sit down at around 5am Tina, Teri and Darren of PITT were sitting in the theater with Darren Dedo, Camera man Rob and the stage manager, Larry.  All members were accounted for and sitting quietly in the theater.  We heard doors slam, loud noises and at one point we all experienced a large (5-6degree) temperature drop.  It got so cold at one point that we were surprised you couldn't see our breath.  Even the stage manager, Larry said that it was getting very cold in there.  The A/C was shut off at 9pm the night before.  We watched the temp drop significantly with a temperature meter (this data also shown on FOX 23) within a matter of seconds. 

Shortly after this phenomena, Tina and Teri went into the concession area.  Teri felt like the energy moved in that direction so we went to this area to see what was going on.  It was then that Teri got the digital picture of the large orb underneath Enrico's picture in the concession area.  Tina and Teri also heard what sounded like a radio frequency or 2 way radio interference.  It sounded like words but they were not clearly audible and the static made it worse.  There still was no electricity in the building and our recorders were stationary at another location when this happened.  (Figures!)  Therefore, this phenomena was not recorded.  No 2 way radios were turned on or in use when we heard this noise, as well. 

It was a very interesting night at the Old Lady on Brady.  PITT has intentions of returning for more data from this location in the near future. 

Other photographic data:

~ Orbs obtained in tunnel area

~ Large orb captured under Enrico Carusos picture maybe he is still there!

~ Orbs in Music Room

~ Large orb in Concession by Erik & Mary


For all photographic data and EVP obtained go here:

Brady Photo & Data Gallery

some of the photo data has not yet been posted...more to come soon!

Video data to be added soon - video shown on FOX23 story.



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