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Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa
Brady Theater Photo & Data Gallery

Here is our picture gallery from the Brady Theather Investigation.
Enjoy!  Some pictures need enlarged to see details - we plan to do that very soon.

Look just below the picture of Enrico Curiso
Taken by Teri - Click Photo to Enlarge
Brady Theater Tunnel - Basement Area

We obtained many positive photos from the old lady on Brady!


More Data coming soon when full report is posted.

Electronic Voice Phenomena

The EVP below was captured by Teri when her, Craig and Tina went into the Tunnel in the basement of the Brady.  Tina and Craig ventured down another tunnel and Teri stayed behind.  Recorder running she captured this man's voice...can you tell what he is saying?  A small clip of Craig's voice is at the end for comparison of distance, tone, likeness, etc.
Let us know what you think....

Tunnel EVP

The Music Room
Click to Enlarge
We got some great pictures from this room. Click this one to enlarge! Look behind Teri.
This orb appears in Mirror
Click Photo to Enlarge
Teri had impression of woman sitting there doing her hair - look where orb is!

Many Thanks to Darren Dedo at FOX23 for the great story he did on the Brady Investigation.  The story aired 10-30-02 and the PITT says "Kudos!" for a job well done.