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Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa
Belvidere Mansion - 10/18/02

OPRA Investigation - Oct. 18th & 31st, 2002

Belvidere Mansion - Claremore, OK
OPRA Investigation - Team 1 Report (PITT)
Report written by Teri French for distribution to OPRA groups & Websites

The Team & DC


Team Members Present: 

Teri, Tina, Val, Darren, Craig

Others: Channel 8 Cameraman



Solar Storms: Active

Geomagnetic Fields: Quiet

Temperature: 60 degrees F

Humidity: 84%

Winds: South @ 7mph

Moon Phase: Waxing

Barometer: 29.96 and rising

Start Time: 12:24am Oct. 19th, 2002

Type: Indoor Investigation

Sweep 1 - Downstairs

Foyer/Common Area No significant EMF readings other than natural causes. Temperature of area 74 degrees F

First (West) Room No significant EMF readings and temperature at 74 degrees F

Hallway Area No significant EMF readings. Temperature 74 degrees F

Stairwell area No significant EMF readings, Temperature at 75 degrees F

2nd Floor

Room 8 EMF reading .2 to .3. at entryway. EMF readings climbed due to natural causes. Upon entering room team members had heavy feeling on chest. Temperature readings were between 72-74 degrees F. No significant EMF readings obtained once inside the room.

Baby Room (across from Room 8). No significant EMF readings. Temperature at 78 degrees F.

Mason Hotel Room No significant EMF readings Temperature readings at 72-73 degrees F.

Common area (hallway) 2nd floor No significant EMF readings. Temperature readings at 72-73 degrees.

West Room (ladies room) No significant immediate EMF readings. Temperature read began at 76 degrees F. Team experienced Temperature increase to 79 degrees F near windows where it should be cooler. Temperature increased to 81 degrees F over the bed area, which records a 5-degree temperature increase.  Walking log has a lot of interference in the tape and team members report feeling tingling sensation. EMF began to react in small spikes and reacted to questions asked. 12:46am Team experienced EMF reactions out of the norm with the rest of the house and temperature increase again. EMF spikes were up to .4 and .5 in the spikes.

Team members could not find a natural source of the cause of the EMF manipulation or temperature increase. Many pictures taken provided no positive photographs.

Ballroom No significant EMF readings. Temperature readings at 81 degrees F.

When the team was leaving the building, as we approached the 2nd floor at the bottom of the stairs, the EMF spiked to a minimum of .4 or .5 reading. Gauss Master was not depressed at the time and reacted solely on its own. Picture taken at this time produced an anomaly and walking log produced a possible EVP. Temperature was recorded at 79 degrees F at this time. Team members reported chills and tingly sensations. EMF did not react or produce any readings thereafter.



Unfortunately, PITT obtained only one positive photo on the first investigation and is shown here.  Notice the anomaly under Tina's hand.  Other data is still being analyzed and will be added soon.  


PITT was honored to do this investigation with OPRA and KTUL News Channel 8 reporter DC Roberts.  We are grateful for the opportunity that is the Belvidere.  Thanks you OKCGC for hosting a great investigation.  


This picture was taken after a large EMF spike. Tina was not depressing the button at the time.
AS per protocol: Picture #2
The anomaly under Tina's hand is gone and the meter did not react again.

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