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Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa
Belvidere Mansion - Claremore, OK - Investigation #2

OKCGC hosted OPRA Investigation - 10-31-02


The Belvidere Mansion - Claremore, OK

Belvidere Mansion Investigation 10-31-02

Report written by Teri French for distribution to OPRA groups.

Groups Present:

          OKCGC - Eric, Laura, Mary

          PITT - Teri, Tina, Craig, Valerie

          OKC-PRG - Becky

          PICO - Christy, Vicky

          SPRG - Justin


          Solar X-Rays: M Class Flair

          Geomagnetic Fields: Unsettled

          Temperature: 37 degrees F

          Winds: North @ 6mph

          87% Humidity

          Barometer: 30.36 & Steady

          Moon: Waning


          Indoor Investigation


The preliminary investigation and data collection was done 10-18-02 (see report). This was Halloween night and was basically a free for all, to gather data, hang out and wait on activity, should there be any.

PITT arrived around 5pm and immediately began setting up. DC Roberts, with KTUL Channel 8 News was doing interviews and live feeds from the house all evening. With this in mind, no standard or structured investigation was scheduled for the evening.

After interviews with Channel 8, we broke for dinner. We returned to the Belvidere Mansion at approximately 10pm to begin the evening. All groups set up video in the rooms of their choice, cameras were synchronized and we left the house to secure the area and also so control cameras could be utilized.

We re-entered the house and all groups went to different areas to explore different parts of the house. Some went into the ballroom, some stayed on the 2nd floor, and some stayed in the main parlor area.  PITT founder, Teri, was standing outside the bathroom door when she heard the toilet flush. This was not leaky valve sound it was an actual flush of the toilet as if someone had pulled on the handle. Teri waited patiently for the person to come of out of the bathroom so she could use it, and after waiting for what seemed like forever after hearing the flush, Teri knocked on the door to find no one inside.

A run through of the house seemed less fruitful that the first night of the 18th. Activity was rare this evening and video is not finished being reviewed at this time. Any information will be updated as reviewed.

PITT found no abnormal EMF readings or temperature changes this second investigation. PITT co-founder, Tina, "very suddenly" became ill and slept most of the evening. A picture with an orb was taken during her sleep as if she was being accompanied or visited while asleep. Tina reported no odd dreams and did not join the group for dinner - so her illness was not from that source.  Her sudden feelings of illness, coldness and bad feelings did deminish the next day and seemed to only last only during our visit to the Belvidere. 

PITT members spent the entire evening searching the nooks and crannies of the Belvidere Mansion. The basement area (early evening) had some interesting noises coming from it, but no recorders were running at the time, as it was a pre-walkthrough. Review of walking log and stationary recorders did not provide any data this time.

Likewise, we didnt get much data via photographs and most are posted here. Other pictures are included just because the Belvidere Mansion is such a beautiful place!

Psychics Perspective:

PITT psychic, Teri believes there are two entities in this home, that of Mr. Bayless and his daughter. This is also conductive to the many witness accounts. The Daughter left her with feelings of depression, sadness and general unhappiness. These feelings were most prevelent in the master bedroom on the 2nd floor.


The Belvidere Mansion surely seems to have activity. The 2nd floor seemed to be the most active of the entire location. Of all OPRA groups combined data, positive video, photo and analog recordings were obtained. Be sure to visit the OKCGC web site for their report of the evening.



Val & Darren

Channel 8 Cameraman with PITT

Data from second investigation still being analyzed.  Below are a few pics and more are due to be added soon...

Is there something here??? You decide!
This bedroom on the 2nd floor was of big interest.

Tina getting some great meter readings.