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Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa
Gilcrease Investigation - April 20, 2002 - Team 1 Report
This is the arsenal of equipment brought on the initial Gilcrease Investigation.

Gilcrease Investigation

Team 1 Report - April 20, 2002

Prepared 5-4-02 by Teri French - Team Leader

Team Members:

                           Teri French

                           Tina Stevens

                            Ron Cosgrove 

                           Becky Cosgrove

Temperature & Stats:

                          78 Degrees

                          100% Humidity

                         Geomagnetic: Active

                         Solar Storms: Active

                         Waxing Moon

Type: Indoor and Outdoor investigation

Team Equipment: Pofi EMF meter, Greenlee temp. meter, 3 Digital Cameras, Cannon Rebel EOS 35mm camera, 3 recorders, Gauss Master EMF meter. Digital and Hi-8 video cams running stationary throughout the house on both floors.

Room numbers as follows:

1 - Kitchen & Breakfast room

2 - Butler Pantry

3 - Dining Room

4 - Piano Room

5 - Hallway / Entry

6 - Living Room / OPIE set-up room

7 - Den area / South of Living Room

8 - Bathroom in South Den

9 - Stairs

10 - Upstairs North Bedroom

11 - Upstairs South Room - 1st

12 - Upstairs South Bathroom

13 - Upstairs South Bedroom - Main 

14 - Bathroom in Main

15 - End North room / hobby room


Arrived at the Gilcrease home around 5pm to do interviews. Interviews held in house for equipment with Eric and also outside with Teri and Becky.

Teri, Tina, Becky and Laura did a pre-walkthrough to get a "feel" of the house. Teri felt the piano room was of interest, and the upstairs north and south bedrooms. (4,10,13) Tina felt the upstairs South bedroom (13) was of interest. Becky and Laura also felt the South Bedroom was interesting. (13)

Sweeps Journal: 

First sweep provided no readings on Rons profi meter. Gauss Master showed some interesting readings, but most were found to be causes of a natural source.

Room 6 is largely contaminated because of OPIE set up and so therefore readings are not included for this room.

Room 7 experienced some high EMF readings (.4 & .6) and the Stairway (9) had spikes to .7 on EMF with a 6-degree temperature increase change. Upstairs also had high profi readings some due to natural source but yet many others we couldnt explain. Many temperature shifts upstairs as well. During baseline it appeared 72 degrees was consistent. Upon further sweeps, temps of 80 degrees were recorded during the wee hours when it was much cooler outside and the house has lots of windows.  It was extremely warm in the house at one point, especially room 13 as it felt stuffy and unique.

Exterior of house proved to have much contamination from underground pipe sources and water mains and other unknown water or other sources. There was one area on the southeast corner of the house in the gardens where we got extremely high EMF readings (.7,8 and 1.0) That particular area had an "odd" feel to it even though it was in the middle of the lawn and on the grass area. Exterior of mausoleum area did not show any type of interest and no readings on equipment.  Camera Crew and equipment made the mausoleum area difficult to read.

Upstairs was most interestingRooms 10 and 13 were chosen for sit down.

Several visual anomalies were caught on video in these rooms as well as downstairs piano room (4) and stairwell (9). All other V/A caught in room 13 as known to this date. In room 10 Teri captured a whisper EVP after calling out Mr. Gilcreases name. *EVP Below*  In the hallway just outside that same room, on first sweep Becky felt her hair being pulled. Upstairs was quite unique.  Rooms 10 & 13 had odd readings and feelings.  Because of all this, we captured many visual anomalies on camera.  *Samples give to FOX 23 News* 

Downstairs Darren (Team3) captured an 'ecto mist' on his 35mm camera at entry of OPIE room. Picture took in same area where Teri experienced "Psychically Channeled Phenomena" later that evening as witnessed by Tina and Craig.  The OPIE room is located next to piano room where other visual anomalies were filmed.  That area is in desperate need of a more review free from contamination if possible. Very interesting phenomena, of different levels, were experienced in that area. 

Conclusion/Psychic Perspective:

I do believe that Mr. Gilcrease still roams his beloved grounds, museum and house. I also believe that some of the children that once lived there when it was an orphanage choose to come back there. From a psychic perspective it doesn't seem as if there are any 'stuck' entities in this building, but there is most definitely about 7 spirits remaining in this home. Mr. Gilcrease and several children seem to be most prominent. They are enjoying it there amongst the beautiful Gardens.  I do feel like they were a little 'startled' by our visit, but warmed up to us by evenings end. 

Video and Audio data will be listed in the box to the right.  
Currently, PITT has found one interesting EVP from Gilcrease.  
Please note that we are still analyzing data and so we post this for your comments.  Unfortunately, the video clips will take a little time to get onto our site.  Sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience!

This EVP is quite unique.  Listen to the 'whisper' and other nosies after you hear Teri call out Mr. Gilcrease's name.  Let us know what you think. 

Click here: Gilcrease EVP