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Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa
Gilcrease II Investigation - May 11, 2002

Gilcrease II Investigation

A recorded journey into PITT's second trip to the infamous Gilcrease Home.....

Members Present:  Teri French, Tina Stevens, Darren Sanchez, Cindy Elledge, Valerie Greenhaw and Craig Shackelford with Guests Mr. & Mrs. "Bartcop"


            Temp: 82 degrees

           Wind: 8mph from the south

            Solar Storms: M class Flair

            Geomagnetic: Active

            Moon: Waning & New


We arrived to the Gilcrease Home at exactly 9pm, unloaded and set up our equipment in various parts of the home. Starting in the kitchen area, we began taking baseline readings. They seemed quite high from the start. Operating the P.I.T.T. family's newest piece of equipment, a Panasonic camcorder, was Teri. She experienced total battery failure within just a few minutes of turning it on.  Our guest also experienced battery drainage on his camcorder pretty early in the evening. Luckily, he had a back up battery...we did not.

It was a very active night in the Gilcrease home. We made many sweeps on both floors and found the downstairs hall and piano room to read extremely active and, as usual, the South upstairs bedroom did as well. The North Bedroom did not seem as active however a great EVP was picked up in that room. (*evp-help*) The piano room downstairs produced a great glowie photo that is unexplainable and experiments of attempting to get response from the entities ruled positive (*evp-stairs-bang*). Later in the evening when everyone was downstairs, we all heard an extremely loud bang from above. During this time we had the Hi8 camera facing the upstairs south bedroom and it also picked up the anomaly, which seem to come from directly in front of it. Nothing visual is seen on the infrared video, but the bang is quite startling all it's own. (*evp-heard-bang*) (*evp-video-bang*).

Our guests for the evening left around 1am and the six P.I.T.T. members had the house to ourselves. It was still early so we roamed the house to explore and discover. We had plenty of data from the many sweeps we had done so we went to the upstairs South Bedroom. Team member, Darren, posed a few questions to the kids we believe are still there. He asked aloud to let him find something "hidden" from long ago in this house. After about 15-20 minutes of questions and listening, we walked downstairs. As Darren entered the South downstairs Bedroom, right there, on the floor, laid an earpiece. It was yellow and looked rather old. We are sure it wasn't there before. We had swept that area (more than once) and do not recall seeing it then nor did we see it when we initially put our equipment together in the room beside it...with a full view of that area!  We are certain it was not there and certainly not there on the first investigation. This was pretty baffling. Darren was the one to find it and we guess that was because he asked the question! It literally seemed to materialize out of nowhere. Darren then ran quickly upstairs to the South Bedroom where he originally asked the question. Following him, we went upstairs and thanked the Children for responding.  Upon entering the South upstairs bedroom we happened upon a wooden wheel on the floor right next to our feet.  We were just in that room before we headed downstairs! Again, we have been in this room several times this night and only 15 minutes prior to returning.  We had been there for over 5 hours at this point and that little wooden wheel was not there before the questions were asked...another items that seemed to materialize out of nowhere. Chipped and looking very old it was probably part of an old toy truck or something of the like. Darren had some happy meal toys in his car and brought them in for the children. (Note: Nothing happened in our experiments with the toys so we left them tucked away in a closet for the kids). This was some great-unexplained phenomenon and we were pretty excited about it. We are sure those items were not there before the question was asked. It was both thrilling and heart warming.

After things calmed down we decided to do a sit down in the foyer area. To begin we sat down, turned on our recorders and listened quietly. A very distinct "meow" came from the stairwell area that 2 members heard (Teri & Darren). It sounded identical to a cat and was rather loud...although to our surprise, no one else heard it!  Several of our recorders failed to pick it up...even those using sensitive and external microphones. It seemed loud enough to have been picked up by the recorders and/or video, as it was audible to the ear...but strangely no recorders did. That is unexplained.

Darren got up and closed the doors to the breakfast room, just off the kitchen. He didn't intentionally do it as an experiment, but it worked out that way.  Around 3:45am we started hearing voices that sounded like two men arguing. Everyone heard them but they were muffled and we couldn't distinguish what they were saying. Teri felt as if it was escalating and decided to go look outside and check on the guard to see if he was in need of any help.  As she looked out the kitchen window and saw the guard quietly sitting in his car, the voices suddenly stopped. She then turned around and walked through the door of the breakfast room leaving the other door closed and began feeling some very odd sensations. She turned to exit through the Butlers Pantry area where she intended to go back into the foyer area to rejoin the sit down but felt compelled to try and investigate the voices. She took a left and started to walk into the formal dining room. She was still in the Butlers Pantry area when *something* came in and swept up behind her in a rather forceful, intimidating manner. She turned around quickly and firmly said, "Dont sneak up on me like that!" Whatever it was did back off a little bit but remained close behind her as she entered the formal dining room area. Teri said it told her that we had worn out our welcome. She expressed surprise with this feeling and impression. Feeling quite agitated Teri walked back into the foyer area and immediately hears Tina say "Teri, I felt scared for you when you went in there!" Tina disclosed she was feeling uncomfortable and made a comment about leaving. Valerie then spoke up and announced she was feeling shaken and wanted to leave, as well. Following suite, Cindy expressed the same concern and like a domino effect, we all agreed we were uncomfortable and it was time to go. We apologized to the spirits for taking so much of their time and stated we would allow more time before our next visit. We glanced down to look at our watches and realized we were packing up an hour and a half ahead of schedule. We were disappointed but we're always respectful to those we investigate and communicate with. In our opinion, respect to the entities is vital to the success of the investigation and/or attempted communication.

END - Journal

We obtained some incredible EVP's on this venture to the Gilcrease!  All EVP's are in located in the journal and highlighted in green.  They are also links you can click on which will take you to a page designated to recount the events we experienced along with the actual EVP from the evening!  Check them out and let us know what you think!  Enjoy! here to go straight to that page!

This picture captured by Tina - "Life in Motion"
Taken May 11, 2002
The picture above was captured by Vice- President, Tina on her Fuji digital camera during our second investigation of the Gilcrease home.  We also got many "orb" pictures that evening that can be found on the gallery page.  We know that if you have seen one orb - you've seen them all!  The PITT doesn't get too excited over "orb" pictures and would rather post more interesting unexplained photos.  Thus we have provided the mist and glowie picture from the Gilcrease on the Club Photo Album page.  Other than those, orb pictures were all tht was left.
The first trip to the Gilcrease did not provide any orb photos - so that, in itself, makes them somewhat interesting!
Please feel free to contact us and share your thoughts!  

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