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Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa
2-16-02 Report & Data - Abandoned Hospital

Oklahoma Abandoned Hospital 

PITT February 16, 2002

Report by: Teri French

Team Members Present: Teri, Tina, Darren, Cindy, Craig, Valerie & Sandra and Guest: Brett C.

OKCGC: Marti, Trey, Ron, Becky, Erik, Laura, Lori, Craig, Machelle,


Temp 41 degrees with 58% Humidity

N. Wind 2 mph

Solar Activity: Active

Geomagnetic: Quiet

Qtr. Moon - Waxing


Gauss Master EMF Detector

Digital Thermal Meter

GE Recorder

Sony Recorder

External Microphone

3 - Digital Cameras

2 35mm Cameras

Sweeps: Basement, 1st Floor & 3rd floor 

Teri, Ron, Craig, Valerie, Lori and Darren = Team on this report/log.


Basement (Level 1)

EMF spikes to 5, but no anomalies caught on film. / ER area Noises heard from Morgue area, yet unconfirmed for False Positive.

3 members had "tingling" feeling in Morgue area yet no readings on EMF at that time and no anomalies on walking log. Members also felt chilled and skin crawling feelings, yet again, no readings of any changes in electromagnetic field at that time.

3rd Floor (Level 4)

Members had a "heavy chest" feeling. Tapping and rapping on microphone of walking log, sounding similar to that of a heartbeat. Noise stopped when a member asked another team member if they heard anything. (EVP Sample included).  Members smelled odor of burning, new baby and baby powder. Flashlights dimmed for no apparent reason on just 2 occasions.

1st Floor (Level 2)

There was seemingly no activity on this floor. EMF meters quiet no temperature changes and no recorded anomalies on log or film. Members reported a "tingling" feeling. Pictures taken have orbs but likely will be dismissed as false/positives. Battery drain experienced.


Building pretty quiet in way of EMF and temperature data. One EVP had questionable anomalies and no visual anomalies caught on film, digital or 35mm. Rocks thrown at Marti, Jeremy and once at Darren. 17 people in total present for sit down renders the log contaminated. Walking logs shows little in way of EVP. No stationary EVP set up this time

Questionable data voice and or pictures are listed to the right.

EVP1 - 2/16/02

No explanation needed to help you hear this EVP!
Check it out for yourself!

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