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Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa
Abandoned Hospital - Research Site

This site is courtesy of the Oklahoma City Paranormal Research Group (OKC-PRG)  Many thanks to the PRG for the research opportunities given to us both individually or as a group. 

Oklahoma Abandoned Hospital
PITT had the distinct pleasure to participate in this
long term research site, thanks to the OKC/PRG.  The founders of PITT (Teri & Tina) were part of the original investigation team from this beautiful old building.  What a great place! 
 PITT completed a few rounds of research at this location, that information is posted here.  Below are some of our findings which include some interesting EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) as well as unexplained sound anomalies and any pictures.    
All findings will be posted as they are analyzed and collected.  Our efforts and delays are to ensure we are not publishing false/positive data.  The Data collected is looked at closely before posting.   
We're not quick to post any enigmas until we're 
absolutely sure we might have actual phenomena. 
If we post it...we can't explain it!!  
We apprecaite your understanding and patience.   

The data above is group findings from PITT only.  Prior data and investigations at this site were conducted by the OKCGC and the information can be found on their website.    
PITT has been to "The Beast" since April, 2002 but unfortunately no significant data was obtained.  We believe in posting the good with the bad, as you don't always get paranormal activity when you do an investigation. 
Due to time constraints since PITT started our operations in Tulsa, we have not the time or opportunity to visit the beloved "Beast".  We hope to return in the near future as the building has a special place in our heart.   
Until next time....

Be sure to check out the On-line Research Journal provided for this location.  Our good friends and colleagues in Oklahoma City have spent countless painstaking hours in this building testing theories, protocols, inventions and the like.  Their research is like no other in the country and we are very proud to have our roots planted there and even more pround of their victories and accomplishments.  It is fascinating, to say the least, to watch the events unfold week after week.  Enjoy! 
For the On-line Research Journal 
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