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We're Growing!!!

At this time the PITT team has an extremely full plate and not enough time or members to accomodate it all!  Due to many projects on our table we find it necessary to have a second team to help us with our work we're starting a satellite team!!   
The PSI Team
PSI - PITT Satellite Investigations
The Satellite Team will assist the PITT team with investigations, interviews, data review, reports and other projects and events as they arise.  If your intersted in becoming a member use the link below to request a membership application.
Because PITT is a very serious group, we will only accept those who are willing to donate their time and efforts to further paranormal research SERIOUSLY.  We view our research as a second job that you do not get paid is by no means a "thrill seeking" hobby!   If chosen, you will be working with some of the most prestigous teams in the state of Oklahoma and some of the most dedicated and serious researchers in the country!  Its not easy to become a member of this team...we are picky in whom we choose to be affiliated with us and for good reason!
Thank you for your interest!
Please put "Application Request" in the subject line and tell us a little bit about yourself!

In order to be a member of the PITT team (or Satellite team) you must follow some stringent by-laws, protocols and standards the team has created.  Some of those things include:
1)  You agree to participate in investigations, meetings and other programs 80% of the time.  
2)  You must follow PITT's by-laws and code of ethics, protocols, etc.
3)  You must agree to work as a team
4)  You agree to donate your time and resources as needed.
5)  You agree to treat this venture seriously.
If you think you have what it takes to be a part of the PSI team, e-mail us!  We will conducting group interviews in the near future to discuss what the Satellite team is about!

We'll see you then!