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Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa


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Tulsa Garden Center ~ 1900's Mansion 6/29/03

PITT, NeoghOst and FOX 23 investigation 6/29/03.  Story scheduled to air end of July, the date will be posted when confirmed. 

Investigation details coming soon!

Historic Tulsa Garden Center

Walking into an investigation and expecting nothing is the norm for our teams and did not change with this location, either.  However, this building "delivered" and it was quite an exciting evening in the old home.  The data collection and experience of this old home far exceeded our expectations and we hope to return to this active location in the very near future.

The investigation data will be posted around the dame time as the story will air.  We have over 18 hours of video, countless hours of audio and droves of pictures and notes to sort through.  It was a very exciting evening and the details will be documented here in the near future.

More Coming Soon!!