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Issue 2 Volume 1

Your source for Paranormal news & information

     "I can't believe  they're going to re-run the same spot when we have a great interview sitting right here!" said Malorie Maddox, morning news anchor of KODE, Channel 12 in Joplin. Thankfully she fixed that and we were on several times. It was live T.V. and very early in the morning but we were  excited. They even came out & filmed a few short bits for the Saturday evening news. We also did a spot on KOAM, Channel 7 in Joplin on Friday, Jan. 17th.    We had a blast. We love getting the word out. 


      We seemed to be charged as there were multiple accounts of electrical oddities happening during travel & arriving at the stations. Both TV stations complained of mal-functioning computer equipment.  The coffee machine in our room seemingly had a mind of its own on when to make coffee.  (Made coffee without being flipped on) Power surges began late in the weekend. The lighted Leaving Oklahoma sign going dark as we passed and the Leaving Missouri flashing on as we passed going home made for nice touches. Although these events arent true data, it made the experience a lot of fun!


      We were in Joplin for the Spiritual Visions Metaphysical fair. Eric Beese, the fair facilitator, is extremely supportive of the PITT & we are so thankful for all of his assistance.  Our lecture was very successful. With exception of the first row, we had a full house & lots of good questions! It was a great experience getting to meet so many interesting people and hear their stories!  Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth & attended the lecture.


      We stayed at the Holiday Inn where the fair was being held and decided on a late night romp in the Lobby to take some pictures. Seems there was a girl murdered in the bar downstairs many years ago. We just couldnt help ourselves. We got some pretty interesting pics of mist & orbs that can be seen on our site. Dont forget to check them out!

(See the P.I.T.T. Photo album)


     Everyone was just awesome & we hope to get back to Joplin for another function in June. Fairs in Stillwater, Oklahoma & Springfield, Missouri are in the works as well!



Coming Soon


We are currently slated to do an investigation at the famous Cains Ballroom. It is historically noted for its live radio broadcasts with Bob Wills and legendary list of concerts and events. It has recently changed owners and some remodeling is being done. Sounds like it could produce some great data!!!!! We are pumped & ready for the hunt!


   The Tulsa Garden Center in full bloom will follow this spring. Its a beautiful place with some interesting history. Both investigations are planned to be part of feature story in March on Fox news at 9 with our favorite anchor Darren Dedo. He has shown himself to be an excellent participant & is really interested in the paranormal. He is currently putting together a half-hour special to air on Halloween.




 Electromagnetic Field Detectors (EMFs)

 These devices detect changes in electromagnetic fields. Investigators have noted correlation between these changes and anomalies obtained on visual & audio recordings. Following are a few of the different kinds we have found useful in our adventures.

 The Guassmaster, the simplest and most readily available is a great start for the beginner.  Its analog display and audible alarm alert the user of changes in the electromagnetic fields.  It detects frequencies* in the 50-60 Hz range at 0-1mG and 0-10 mG.

 The Multidetector II Profi is more sensitive and has the ability to filter out more man-made contaminants. Its LED visual alarm indicates increasingly elevated levels of EMF.  It is capable of detecting frequencies* in the 5-400,000 Hz range at 0-100 mG.

 The Trifield being the most sensitive can detect frequencies* in the 100 kHz to2.5 GHz range at 0-1000 mG.  Due to its high sensitivity, it is best used as a stationary unit.

*Frequencies subject to re-verification.


Big things are happening!

The P.I.T.T.  has some very exciting things planned for this year. We  hope you will keep in touch and let us know what you have planned. We will do our best to get the word out.


P.I.T.T.  welcomes anyone with an open mind & courteously spoken point of view. J Please come visit with us at the


 P. I.T.T. Board



PITT is a non-profit organization dedicated to the research and investigation of paranormal phenomena.

We never charge for investigations. We rely solely on donations, club dues and event proceeds.  If you would like to make a contribution to the PITT, please do. Even $5 would make a difference.

Please make payable to P.I.T.T.

P.O. Box 803 Broken Arrow, OK 74013


Till Next time, Happy Hunting!


"The Proof Is Out There!"


Tina, Teri, Darren, Val, Rhonda & Craig

More Issues of the PITT Papers can be found here in the future!