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Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa


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Cain's Ballroom
The Historical Cains Ballroom

The Cains Ballroom


Investigation was completed Friday, February 28th.  We have finished reviewing data and the report will be posted in the next week.  We collected over 15 hours of video, countless hours of audio and a slew of pictures which took some time to go over, correlate and bring you true results of any unexplained phenomena.  We hope to bring you some exciting things from this investigation and it looks promising.  Keep watching here for the latest! 

P.I.T.T. was very excited at the opportunity given to investigate the infamous old Cains Ballroom.  PITT founder Teri, had a paranormal experience here years ago, as did the new building manager and many of the staff just a few short weeks ago.

PITT has been invited to conduct another investigation after the Cain's is renovated.  We are excited about returning to this grand location and are very excited about researching the theory about activity before and after renovations!  More to come.....

The report and data will be posted very soon.

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