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Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa


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Getting into the PITT.....Membership Information 
Submission deadline: 06/06/02

New Members PITT Stop
Finally!!!! PITT  is  accepting 2 new members!
Membership is by invitation only. Please complete the questionnaire below .  We will have a membership meeting (social) in July for those interesting in getting into the PITT.  The membership meeting will provide a chance for us to meet, discuss club specifics and determine the best candidates to join us.  We've had so many requests that would be impossible to accept them all, although we wish we could!  We are looking for serious, like minded people that will continue to grow with the dynamics of the team we currently have.  We will be issuing invites to the social from the responses to the questionnaire. In the meantime, please visit our public message board and get to know the PITT Crew!
We look forward to meeting you!

Full Name:
E-Mail Address:
What got you interested in the paranormal?
What do you wish to gain by being in this group?
Can you commit to monthly meetings and dues?
How much time can you commit?( how many hours per week or month)
Do you have any equipment?
Will you promote the group whenever possible?
Can you find potential investigation sites?
Are you able to occasionally travel 2-5 hours away from Tulsa for special investigations & events?
Do you have any special talents or skills you feel would be an asset to the field of paranormal research? If so , please explain.
What is your opinion on pychicism in paranormal investigation?
Are you a member of any other organizations or clubs?
Are you able to be away from home on an overnight basis
Do you have Internet access atleast 2x a week?
What are your views and opinions about paranormal activity? Believer, Nonbeliever, Skeptic ... etc.
Tell us a little bit about yourself. Ex. What sorts of things do you do for recreation? Read any good books lately?

Interested in being a P.I.T.T. member?  Please visit our Rules page and also read our protocol and club by-laws.  After reading that information, if you are still interested in joining P.I.T.T. please complete the questionnaire on this page.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
Please keep in mind it is our goal to keep the group small.  This ensures that everyone can participate and helps eliminate contamination.  
Thanks for understanding.....
See you then!

Ready to dive into the PITT?