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Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa
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Meet The PITT Crew

The PITT Team
Left to right: Darren, Tina, Rhonda, Teri & Thad

Updated picture of the PITT team coming soon!
P.I.T.T. is pleased to announce the addition of Tammi Branson-Soto to our team!  Tammi brings with her a strong sense of investigation techniques and winning attitude that is one of a kind!  Tammi joined the team in her first PITT investigation on 10/24/03 and impressed us all.  She's going to be a HUGE asset to the PITT team and we're glad to have her aboard! 


Historian Consutant:  Debbie

Debbie comes to us with an immense amount of knowledge in one of the most important areas of our work - research.

 In 1994, Debbie received a B.A. in History from Cameron University with a minor in Theatre.  The University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond awarded her a M.A. in History with Museum Studies in 1996.  Her studies focused on the southwest and Native Americans.  She also has 60 hours of history and anthropology studies at the Ph.D. level from the University of Oklahoma.  Since January 1998, she has been an adjunct professor at Rose State College teaching history and humanities.  Since then, she's also been teaching history and political science at Redlands Community College and Oklahoma City Community College.  She has also done work on several curatorial, research, and design projects for the Oklahoma Historical Society as well as costume design projects for UCO, Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park, and Tulsa Repatory Theatre.  In Debbie's spare time, between projects and semesters, she works for a private investigator finding people all across the United States.  She has four children, the youngest is still in college and the oldest is a captain in the Army.  She and her sister own "Corinne's Mind Body & Spirit", a book and music store based out of her sister's home.  Debbie says the paranormal has always been a part of her life.  While she knows there is much more happening than what she can sense, she also wants to substantiate it with historical research.  Debbie will accompany us on bigger investigation sites.

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Members in Spirit:  Jonothan, Aunt Loreen, Hattie Cabe, Dennis Clark, Uncle Gino, Pop-Pop, Grandpa L., Robert, Greg & Al.  
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