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This page is currently under construction. Please bookmark this site/page to check back often. You can also submit your own eqiupment reviews!

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Helpful info to help your hunt!


There are many debates about what is the best camera to use on an investigation/hunt. Both digital & film cameras are valuable to an investigation. Film cameras produce negatives which can serve as evidence of unaltered pictures as a back up, where as digitals do not.
Digitals can be easlity downloaded into your computer (as can film cameras after having photos put on disk). Digital cameras process info differently than film cameras. It is best to review both types carefully before investing your money in them. Otherwise, you can just use what you've got. Remember to try and back yourself up with more that one camera and more than one photo. Follow the protocol and you could come up with some interesting finds.

EMF Detector

The EMF's are used to measure and check for changes within the electromagnetic fields. Ghosts are energy, thus they tend to interfear with the electromagnetic fields in the air. In using the EMF's we are mainly looking at the 'changes' in the electromagnetic fields and any correlation with paranormal activity at the time the levels are changing.