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Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa


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Special Thanks

Giving credit where credit is due.

Here's where the PITT gets mushy....
It's hard to put into words our deep gratitude to FOX23 News anchor Darren Dedo.  He and his camera man Rob have been wonderful to work with in the stories we have done with them in the past and we look forward to a continuing relationship with them into the future.  Our hats go off to them because they are brave enough to open their minds and explore the world of the unknown with us.  They should be commended for bringing Paranormal Investigators into the main stream and out into the public eye!  We appreciate the dedication they give to this subject and the professional manner in which it is reported.   
Thank you, guys! 
Watch Darren and the other supreme anchors at FOX23 News weeknights at 9pm on Channel 23 (COX Cable Channel 5) 
Sincere heartfelt "Thanks" go out to MIKE & MANDY at MIX96 Radio in Tulsa!  They were wonderful hosts to us when we were on their morning show Sept. 16th!  We are looking forward to returning as guests to their great morning show in the very near future! We appreciate their hospitality and making us feel welcome and comfortable!
We had a great time!
Listen to Mike & Mandy on MIX96 (96.5 FM) mornings from 6-10am weekdays.

Many special thanks go to Ron & Becky Cosgrove, Erik Smith and everyone with the Oklahoma City Ghost Club who encouraged us to do this and remain a wonderful, huge support system for us. We appreciate the OKC Ghost Club and Paranormal Research Group immensely!
Another special "Thank You" goes to Phil Stone & Brent Douglas, morning personalities of 97.5 KMOD  "The Breakfast Club Zoo". They were so fun and accommodating when they had us on their show for Halloween, 2001. Their awesome blend of humor and fascination made it a great experience. We appreciate the opportunity and are filled with gratitude to them!! Listen to Phil & Brent on 97.5 FM radio weekdays from 7-10am. They are hilarious!
Another big "Thank You" goes out to Tony at Z104.5, The Edge radio in Tulsa. We were on his "Extreme Night-time Radio" show Friday,February 8, 2002.  His open mind and unbiased opinions made it a great time on his wild show! Listen to Tony, now on morning show at 
Many Thanks to Gretchen, freelance writer with the Urban Tulsa Weekly Magazine.  She did a great job with the article about us in the October, 2002 article and we apprecaite her for her sense of humor, honesty and integrity.

To other Clubs & Groups:
Thaks to other clubs and groups like NeoGhost and Ghost club of Oklahoma who share in our desire of professionalism, trust and comraderie.  It's difficult, at best, to find others in this field as serious, dedicated and true to the field yet void of personal gain.  We feel very grateful to have been given the opportunities to work with many fine groups within the last few years.  Thanks!


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A big hug and very special thank you goes to our family and our friends. They put up with our long travels, weird hours and unusual passion....and still love us, anyway! Thanks! We are grateful and truly blessed!
Thanks to all who visit our website, message board and guest book and those whom sent us e-mails encouraging us and giving PITT your undivided support and praise.  We appreciate all of you more than words can say! 

Darren Dedo, Shanon, Larry, Jeff, Carmen, Tracie, Jimmie, Cyndy, Shane, Eric, Debbie, Bee, Smitty, Gary, Paul, Jonathan, Echo, and MANY others we are forgetting to mention at this particular time.
.....The PITT appreciates your support!