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Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa
Tulsa Garden Center - June 29, 2003

1900's Italian Style Villa
The Beautiful Tulsa Garden Center

This story aired on FOX 23 News, Oct. 30, 2003
** See link at bottom of page to look at the photo and data gallery from this investigation.**


Location: Tulsa Garden Center Mansion 

Date: Sunday, June 29, 2003


Guests: NeoghOst,  Darren Dedo and Rob from FOX 23 News



Sony Handycam camcorder w/nightshot

Sony infrared light w/extender

Trikon Tripod

Ambico tripod

Kodak DC3200 Digital camera

Fuji 1300 digital camera

Profi multidetector II EMF meter

Gauss Master EMF meter

Greenlee temperature meter

2 Accurite humidity/clock&temp meter

 Sony handheld cassette recorder w/clear voice

Sony dynamic external microphone

Radio Shack mini external microphone

Olympus D550 Camedia digital camera

Gemline IT10 infrared thermometer

13 TV monitor

VHS Recorder

Canon Sure shot 35mm camera


Field Conditions:         

Solar X-ray: Active

Geomagnetic Field: Storm

Temperature: 67 degrees

Wind: SE 7 mph

Barometer 30.04 and falling

Humidity: 53% humidity

Moon Phase: New moon

Time: 11:21 pm


Sweep #1 and Journal  11:25 pm

Area: Entry hall, main hallway, library, men & women restrooms


Temp: 65 degrees entry;

68 to 75 main hallway (7 increase);

76 library;

71 and 72  restrooms

Changes: 7 degree temperature increase in main hallway

Audio Data:  1 Sound Anomaly


Results: On first entering the Garden Center, the doorbell rang for an extended period of time (about 30 seconds) while simultaneously the elevator opened, shut, went up, opened and came back down.  This was repeated 2 times while the kitchen phone was ringing and no one on the other end.  Upon asking the Garden Center personnel if this was a regular happening or if the elevators or doorbell were on some kind of timer, we were informed that they were not.  There is no explanation for the elevator, phone and doorbell to all malfunction at the same time upon entering.  We have no explanation for this event but we thought it was really fascinating.  We would also like to think the spirits were saying "Hello!"


Comments:   Just before starting our first sweep of the mansion, Teri's recorder gets a snap in it as if someone is snapping their fingers in tempo.  **Snap Sound Anomaly Included**  No other recorders picked it up, and at least two others were running at the time.  This is unexplainable.


Darren Dedo noted the monitor for the vcr was showing static and just then a large orb whizzed by.  A member's radio went off spontaneously. The PITT cameras wouldnt stay on and had to be repeatedly restarted.  Equipment failure was experienced when we first started to set up.



Area:  Kitchen

Temp:  77; butlers pantry temp 75

EMF:  EMF of 9 due to appliances

Comments:  None



Time:  11:40

Temp:  75-78

EMF:  No EMF except electrical

Audio Data:  No EVP


Area:  Sunroom

Temp:  76


Comments:  None


Area:  Basement

Temp: 71-75

EMF:  No

Audio Data:  2 EVP's

Comments / Psychic Impressions:  Teri didn't know one of the side rooms in the basement contained a Mikvah, used by the Jewish women for cleansing and ritual purification ceremony.  The Mikvah is covered up and piled with boxes so it is not longer visible.  When Teri entered she said she felt as though the room had been used as a 'washroom'.  She also felt that the classroom had been a laundry. Impressions were sustantiated by history received from Historical Society.  In this area Darren Dedo possibly captured some video anomalies and we got an EVP at the same time **man groan EVP** 


While doing a sweep of the basement, Darren Dedo alerted us to an alarm going off upstairs.  Members went up to the main hallway where a temperature meter was beeping as though the alarm had been set.  As we are talking, we received an EVP of a womans voice.   **EVP help whisper & scratchy tunnel voice**  Both recorders they were wearing picked this up and are included below.  Back in the basement several members and guests captured orbs in the same corner.   Cameraman Rob noted cool air rushing up the stairs, felt it on the back of his neck. 





Area:  Third floor servants quarters

Time:  1:50 am

Temp:  75-77 and 79 on the walls



Area:  Library

Temp:  75

EMF:  Very strange high EMF in the library centering on a potted plant on a table.  A nearby electrical outlet did not register on the Profi, yet the plant on the table registered high EMF.  The table was wooden with a glass top.  No explanation for the EMF. Negative photos. 


 Area:  Master bedroom (now conference room)

Temp:  73-74


Comments:  Contamination from mirrors and two walls of windows.  The yellow marble master bathroom which is no longer in use was extraordinary.  There was a bathtub, a separate glass front shower with 4 shower heads, and a sauna where the person sat in a box with their head sticking out.  Inside the box were huge heat bulbs.  In 1921, this bathroom must have been state of the art.


Area:  Upstairs hallway elevator area (may have been sitting room)

Time:  2:15 to 2:50

Temp:  74-757


Comments / Psychic Impressions:  The elevator alcove drew us for quite sometime and a sit down was performed there in hopes it would come up and open by itself again.  Teri had an impression of children playing up on the second floor.  The FOX 23 Camera (large TV Camera) experienced battery drainage and lost power.  Rob (camera man) said this was a very unusual thing for those big camera batteries to do that.  Someone saw a dark shadow next to Teri and this was captured on photo (included - see data page).  Two other members felt sick up there. Teri senses a male energy with an H name.  This impression was substantiated by history.  Teri got pain in her lower left side and felt shaky and very hot.  A short time later she felt heaviness in her chest.


**4 Positive Photos of black shadows & mists were captured in this area during a time of high activity.  This is when the FOX camera battery drained and psychic impressions were received**


Area: Basement

Time:  3:00 AM



Teri had an impression that there was something to do with out of state as far as building the house materials being brought in from another state. Specifically she felt it was palazzo tile.  According to the history material was shipped in from Italy.  She felt the man who built the house didnt stay long which is consistent with the history of the ownership.  Historical Data substantiates impressions.  She felt as though the second family had young children which was also verified by history as well as people at the Garden Center and Tulsa Historical Society.  She believed there had been four owners but history only documents three.   Teri had the impression someone bought the house but never lived in it and this was substantiated by history.  Mr. W.G. Skelley bought the property in 1950 then gave it to the city in 1954.  Could this be the 4th person Teri was feeling? 


She felt something was significant about the driveway on the south side of the house.  (according to history, the first owners and his brother ran out of money and had to build the brick driveway themselves.)  History was able to substantiate this impression.



Several members spread out through the large mansion and conducted sit downs in seperate areas of the house.  Of the places, a few members did their sit down in the Library.  As we sat in the dark for a while, all of the sudden the 6 people witnessed papers in mid air which slammed heavily onto the floor at our feet. These papers did not "float" or "flutter" to the ground, instead it was something of force that pushed them down.  The six team members were sitting down at the time and all 6 witnesses did not see WHERE the papers came from.  Upon viewing our photos we noticed that the papers were in the Northeast corner of the room laying on some books however, no one was in that corner of the room when this phenomena occured.  The papers were advertising the Farmers Market on Cherry Street.  Although that does not seem pertinent to the history of the Garden center, we are actively investigating this area due to several reports from business owners and homes alike about "activity" in farmers market area.  This area is Cherry Street (15th Street) that use to be Tulsa's red light district.  We have coined this location "AREA 15" and P.I.T.T. members are actively researching and investigating this area. 


All members present spent several hours trying to come up with a logical and probable explanation for the flyer incident and have come up empty handed.  Of course, no cameras were present in the room, however the incident was captured on audio tape and a clip is included so you can hear the reactions from the members as well as hear how fast and hard those papers hit the ground. (Clip coming soon!)  There is no explanation for this and upon measuring, this flyers had to travel 9 feet to land at our feet - isn't it strange how the 6 witnesses didn't see them until they were directly in front of us??  Those papers had to be traveling at a high rate of speed.  Several re-creations were attempted but failed.  P.I.T.T. members believe this to be true actual paranormal phenomena we experienced.


FINAL OVERVIEW:  The Garden Center mansion felt very active all night.  Compelling photos were taken but no EMF readings were obtained except one particular area.  Video evidence is shown on FOX 23 news 10/30/03 at 9:00pm.  Two possible Class B EVPs. 


This site certainly warrants a follow-up investigation and the teams have been invited back for more investigations.  More information will be posted at next investigation after the fist of the year. 




Click Here to view the Data - Pictures, Sound Anomalies & EVP's

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