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Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa
Central Tulsa Residence

Investigation conducted 4-19-03

Central Tulsa Residence 

4-19-03 & 8-2-03


 We have nicknamed this the "Dick Van Dyke" home because when you step inside you step back in time and immediately feel yourself pulled into your televisions set of that old favorite TV Show!   The impeccable style the homeowners exhibit with their art deco and 60s designs are an outstanding addition to the personality of the home.  The house was built in the later half of the 1950's and has not lost any of its charm. 


The homeowners were a pleasure to work with, very nice couple that is down to earth in their realization of what they have been experiencing.  For their privacy and protection, their name and address are intentionally withheld and are confidential. 


Team members present:  Darren, Rhonda, Teri & Tina

2 Homeowners present 


Stats: 4/19/03 only

Outside Temp: 68 degrees

Humidity: 84%

Geomagnetic Storms: Quiet 

Solar X-Rays: Active

Winds:  North East

Moon: Full


Type:  Evening Indoor Investigation



Sony Camcorder w/ infrared light extended

2 Sony Clear Voice recorders

Greenlee Temperature Meter

Profi Multidetector EMF Meter

Kodak 3500 Digital Camera

Olympus Digital Camera

35mm Camera

Dowsing Rods


Living Room

Temp 70-71 (4/19) 

 77- 78 (8/2)

EMF - 0 both Visits

EVP 0 both Visits

Video 2 Anomalies

Tape 1, Counter Point 21:36 / 4 flashes of light (4/19)

Tape 2, Counter Point 48:53  / orb (8/2)  

Photos 0

Comments:  Teri had a flushed feeling and at same time orb caught going behind her. Tape 1, Counter Point 9:15 still under question.  (4/19)


Dining Room

Temp 70 (4/19)

           77-78 (8/2)

EMF - 0 Both Visits

EVP None 

Video None

Photos: None 



Temp 71-72 (4/19)

           78-79 (8/2)

EMF 0 Both Visits

EVP None 

Video None

Photos 1 Positive Photo obtained (8/2)


Fireplace Room

Temp 71-72 (4/19)

           78-79 (8/2)

EMF 0 Both Visits

EVP - None

Video - None

Photos 2 Photos Obtained (4/19)

**Heavy Dowsing Rod Activity in this area


**Impression:  Dizziness, Headache, illness, male presence - very weak 

**Resident verification:  Fireplace room was the bedroom of the sick elderly man who resided there before they did.   


**Impression:  Sharp pain in back - chronic back pain

** Resident verification:  He had chronic back pain


**Impression:  Male presence named William

**Resident Verification:  Previous owner had middle name of William



Temp 72-73 (4/19)

           79-80 (8/2)

EMF .2 (4/19) 0 (8/2)

EVP None

Video 1 Anomaly

Tape 2, Counter Point 1:03:49 /flash of light, (8/2)

Photos None


Baby Room

Temp 72-73 (4-19)

           77-78 (8/2)

EMF .2, .3 on Profi man-made source? (4/19)

0 Baseline on 8/2

EVP None

Video - None

Photo None


Master Bedroom & Bath

Temp 70-71 (4/19)

           77-78 (8/2)

EMF 0 Both Visits

EVP None

Video None

Photos None

Comments:  Due to baby sleeping in this room, only light sweeps were done.


Hobby Room / 3rd Bedroom

Temp 70-71 (4/19)

            74-75 (8/2)

EMF 0 Both Visits

Photos  None

EVP 1 (resource:  video)  

Tape 1, Counterpoint 1:46:16 / man voice (4/19)

Video 2 Anomalies:

Tape 1, Counterpoint 1:46:16 / orb with man voice (4/19)

Tape 2, Counterpoint 39:03 / orb (8/2)

Comments:  Correlating Video & Audio Data obtained in this room on first investigation.  Darren is alone in room when orb captured on video and At the same time, you hear a mans voice say Come Over Here.  This voice is not Darrens.

During 2nd investigation Darren asked the entity aloud to ring the telephone.  (He was referring to an old black telephone in this room that was not working and not plugged in).  Shortly after, the homeowners received a phone call on their home number.  When they picked it upno one was there.  Just before midnight PITT member, Rhonda also received a Private call on her cell phone.  When she picked up the "anonymous" call, again - no one was there.  Coincidence?  Darren clarified he wanted the black telephone to ring and this phenomena did not occur again.  


**Impressions:  Male Presence, heaviness in chest.

**Impressions:  Head pressure / energy shift change / Not validated


**Impressions: Diabetic illness

**Resident Verification:  Homeowner is diabetic


**Impression:  House not built on Indian Burial Ground / Not validated


**Impression: Teri heard the word program in the back bedroom.

**Resident Verification:  Previous owner did programs for a living.


**Impression:  Tax Scam is reason for house not on land records / Not validated


CommentsChest pains and heaviness not felt upon entering the room a second time.  Room did not have much energy as it did on first walk through.  No data to substantiate impressions.   2nd Investigation room seemed to be less 'active' and residents reported less activity, as well.  Resident also reported shortness of breath or heavy chest feeling in this room. 



The team had a great time at this location.  The first investigation seemed to be the most active and homeowners reported decreased activity upon returning 4 months later.  We concentrated on the hallway, fireplace area and Hobby room and got some interesting data from these locations in the dwelling. 


EMF Readings were consulted with the Gauss master EMF meter but could not substantiate baseline readings therefore we used the Profi Multi-detector meter for our EMF readings on both investigations.  Multi-detector meter was set on highest setting to rule out man made EMF sources.   Team members experienced high readings that were gone quickly at points. 


Somehow, both Rhondas and Teri's audio walking logs got shut off during first investigation which was noticed in the back hobby room.  Teri's 1st tape is fine, but the second occupies only of the tape end consisting of the investigation.  It is the equivalent of about 20 minutes of tape.  Nothing unusual on this tape. 


2nd Investigation concluded some dowsing rod activity in the hallway and unusual activity in the "Hobby Room" where the digital video camera turned itself off and we did not get anything stationary in this room.  This room proved to be most interesting during the first investigation. 

Telephone incident of 2nd Investigation seemed quite interesting.


Homeowners are reporting the house to be quieter and therefore no follow up visits are scheduled at this time.