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Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa
Honey Springs Battlefield


The picture below was obtained by PITT member Rhonda.  There is an orb in motion in the tree up and to the left of investigator, Jeff's head.  What is really interesting about this picture is that the moving orb has 3 different color spectrums!  (Red, Green and Blue)  We find this quite interesting.  This photo also obtained when we were receiving changes in the EMF fields thus giving correlating data to support the picture.

Trio Orb - different color spectrums!
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Really interesting Picture!!

Many Thanks to our good friends at NeoghOst for the invite and hosting the first P.R.O.O.F. investigation.  Click on their name to check out their website for more research findings from this Oklahoma piece of history!  For NeoghOst's report of this investigation, click here!

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Honey Springs Battlefield Research Report

By: Teri French  /  P.I.T.T.

Checota, OK



1st P.R.O.O.F. Investigation

(Paranormal Researchers Of Oklahoma Foundation)


Team reporting this log:  PITT

PITT Team Members Present:  Teri, Tina, Rhonda & Thad

NeoghOst Members Present:  Jeff, Amanda, Leslie, Michelle & Bo



Geomagnetic Fields:  Storm

Solar X-Rays:  M Class Flare

Temperature:  70 degrees

Humidity:  49%

Winds:  East @ 10mph

Moon:  New


Start Time:  10:40 PM


Investigation Type:  Outdoors / Standard Protocol & PSI Impression Protocol Followed.  PSI Impressions posted separate. 



Profi Multidetector EMF Meter

Gauss Master EMF Meter

Greenlee Temperature Meter

4 Analog Recorders

Sony Nightshot Camcorder

External Microphones

4 Digital and/or 35mm Still Cameras

Stationary analog recorder



Brief History:

Honey Springs Battlefield is currently an Oklahoma Historical Site in which the civil war battle occurred between the North and South for control over Indian territories between Fort Gibson and Little Rock, Arkansas.  By the time the battle was over one side reported 134 men killed while the other side reported well over 200 men killed. It is still believed today that a number of confederate soldiers were buried in mass graves along the property but no one has been able to pinpoint the location. 



AREA 1 Bivouac - Trail 1

Temp:  68 degrees

EMF:  .2mg - Gaussmaster not depressed

Photos obtained:  0

EVPs:  0

Sound Anomaly:  1

No Video


Team members heard what sounded like artillery fire rounds.  *Audio data obtained / sound anomaly included* 

At the same time, Teri witnessed a black shadows and Tina saw movement in same area.  Upon investigating, we received no EMF readings or temperature fluctuations of interest.  On the right side we did experience a small spike (.2mg) on the gauss master EMF meter.  It was a very quick spike of the meter and did not last any duration.  Gaussmaster meter button not depressed at the time.


Impressions:  Teri was drawn to the right side of this field and felt the energy was stronger there.  As we found out later this was the closest to the main battlefield...aka the front lines.  There also seemed to be activity directly parallel to this area as well.  Teri had impression of a fire in this area which Historian expert confirmed a fire broke out there just 2 years ago.  Another impression consisted of an ambush on a tent that was very short lived.  


Area 2 Main Battlefield - Trail 2

Temp:  70 degrees

EMF:  0

Photos Obtained:  1

EVP's Obtained:  1

No Video


Team members started by walking the trail to take temperature and EMF meters.  No significant readings were obtained.  The area felt colder but the temperature readings were actually warmer than in the bivouac area.   Team members moved into both the North and South sides of the battlefield.  Some possible positive photos were obtained.  No significant EMF readings were obtained.  Team members witnessed shadows and heard some unexplainable noises that were not captured on analog recorders.  We did capture one Class C EVP *included below* of a whispering man's voice.  We cannot make out what he is saying. 


Impressions:  Teri felt a sharp pain in lower left side of back (stabbing feeling).  Also feelings of heaviness experienced while walking on trail and especially on the North side of the battlefield. Another impression obtained was that of soldiers who allowed themselves to be killed due to no desire to fight any longer.    Teri was drawn to the far end of the battlefield were a fence and private residence now sits.  Unable to determine the significance of this area.  


AREA 3 Primitive Trail / Texas Road & Sisney House - Trail 3

Temp:  64 degrees

EMF:  .5 to 1.5mg

Photos obtained:  2

EVP's:  0

No Video


This part of the investigation both NEO and PITT teams joined together and did a walk through of the trail located back to battlegrounds.  Upon entering the first area of the trail a few moments into our walk NEO team members experienced readings on their EMF meter, PITT gauss master did not pick up any significant readings.  Further up the trail, NEO again obtained EMF changes and positive photos obtained.  *Positive Photo Data posted*  A 4 degree temperature fluctuation was experienced on a night with very little wind.  Members also experienced what sounded like strong 'wind' in the microphones of their analog recorders.  As stated previously, there was very little wind on this night yet some tapes were ruined and useless due to this noise.  Tulsa forecast said winds were out of the east at 10mph, but all can attest there was very little wind this all.  Correlating data in this location rendered it most active this night.  No other data to report at this time.



Members believed this site to contain a lot of residual energy and members from both teams reported hearing artillery fire, which supports this theory.  Both teams reported sightings of shadows which were located in the same area.  However, during the sweep of the 3rd Trail (Texas Road / Sisney House) there seemed to be much more than residual energy present.  It was this area in which the trio-orb anomaly was captured.  Its not only interesting that this orb captured on film is in motion but also one that boasts 3 different color spectrums along with it and accompanied significant changes in the EMF fields at the same time.


Both psychics on either team picked up the unlikely impressions of woman and children while separated and at different times in the evenings.  However, impressions were received in the same areas.  The PSI impressions were not shared between the two psychics and therefore were not fed off of each other but instead received separately.  Other PSI correlation includes members of both teams experiencing physical pain and ailments at separate times of the investigation but again located in the same area.  Teams did not report this to eachother until weeks after the investigation.  No prior history or knowledge was given to psychics.  


We are very thankful to NeoghOst for the invite and hosting of the first ever P.R.O.O.F. investigation.  We are also very thankful for historical society connected to Honey Springs that is Howard McKinnis and Ralph Jones.  There were the most gracious hosts and we were honored to be a part of it.   Thanks!  We had a great time!



EVP's:  1

Sound Anomalies:  1

Photos Obtained:  3

Video:  No Anomalies / outdoor contamination



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EVP & Sound Anomalies Obtained:
Below you will find 2 sound anomalies. 
One is an EVP and the other is a sound anomaly.
Here is what sounds like "pops" of fire rounds.  Possible residual energy??? 

Click Here - Firerounds Anomaly?

EVP of an unknown male voice.

Click Here - Unknown Male Whisper

Something is out there....P.R.O.O.F. is here!