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Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa
Brady Theatre II - 2/15/03

Investigation Conducted 2-15-03

PITT in action - Brady Theatre 2-15-03
Bright anomaly above our heads - Picture taken by Valerie on Olympus Digital Camera

EVP's Obtained from this investigation:
This EVP was obtained when two female team members were heading for the bathroom.  We are walking through the hall and you hear a man's voice say something like "Don't go here" - not sure exactly what he is saying, but this is a Class B EVP.  If you have any ideas on what he is saying - we're interested in hearing it!
Click the link below to listen to the .wav file.

EVP - "Don't go here"

This second EVP was obtained when 2 female members went into the bathroom and just before the recorder is turned off.  You hear Teri say "ooohh, I gotta pee" (sorry about that! haha) and right after it, you hear a woman say "Hi" in a whispy manner and voice.  Just goes to show - no matter WHAT you are doing during an investigation, anything can happen at any time! 

EVP - Hi!

The next EVP are unknown voices of which we can't explain or decipher.  As you will hear - a clip of the team members voices are included at the end for comparison.  You will hear some mumbling and then a whisper.  This is quite possible a Class B EVP.  If you think you may know what is being said, please e-mail us!

EVP - Unknown Voices

This last Sound Anomaly / possible EVP was obtained just prior to packing up for the evening.  You hear two people talking but in the background you hear a strange noise followed by a loud "thud".  This noise was not heard at the time of discussion.  Any thoughts on this?  E-mail us!

Sound Anomaly - Noise & THUD



The Brady Theatre


Report by:  Teri French




(2) Sony Handycams w/nightshot on Tripods

(3) Sony Infrared light w/ Extender

5 viewing monitor w/ VRC hook up to Camera

Kodak DC3200 Digital Camera

Olympus Digital Camera

Fuji 35mm camera

Multidetector II EMF Meter

(2) Gauss Master EMP Meters

Greenlee Temperature Meter

Several analog recorders w/ External Microphones

Samsung Maxima 35mm Camera

Gemline IT10 Infrared Thermometer

RCA Digital Recorder



Solar X-Rays:  Active

Geomagnetic Fields: Quiet

Temperature: 48 degrees

Moon Phase: Full


Type:  Indoor Investigation / Old Historic Theatre

Start Time:  10:35pm


Sweeps & Journal:


We arrived at the Brady with just 8 people and the HUGE place all to ourselves for the night.  It was full of energy and proved to be a promising night right from the start.  We met the stage hand and brought in our equipment.  When we finished unloading our gear, we stood on the stage and looked out onto the grand theatre in awe.  As we stood there we could feel both our anticipation as well of that of the beautiful building, herself.  The Old Lady on Brady had a certain "feel" to her this night and we were thrilled to be spending the night here, once again.  As we stood on the stage and discussed the evening plans, a woman's earing fell from the rafters above the stage and hit a guest in the head.  Someone was happy to see us, it seemed!  This was before we set up any equipment and it set the tone for the exciting night to come.  


We set up our equipment, one camera in the concession area to start, and another on the stage.  We plan to move the cameras around and cover as much of the theatre as possible.  The events of the evening had another idea.



We started our first sweep on the stage area and went into the dressing room at stage left. We obtained no significant EMF readings in these areas.  We moved to the second level, and again had no luck.  We moved into the band room where previous phenomena was experienced on our first investigation (9/20/03) and all was quiet for the moment...but it was still early.  We made our way around the balcony, concession, walkways, offices and dressing rooms on our first thorough sweep of the theatre and did not have any unexplained readings or activity occur.  EMF profi meter readings were 0 or explained as natural or man made cause.  Normal temperature readings were recorded throughout.  Nothing to report this sweep.

It was a nice, regular quick clean sweep for baseline readings.  




We started the second sweep at approximately 12:30am in the basement area and moved up.  We heard some unexplained noises that were not picked up on analog recorders and heard them in the auditorium are, as well.  We obtained high profi readings in the second sweep, especially the balcony, stage, northwest walkway ramp and concession area of the theatre. 


We also experience a 4 degree temperature drop and significant (2-6) EMF readings using a profi meter in the break room.  This room is located on the second level, next to some private offices and yet more dressings rooms.  This area is not usually seen by the general public.  One particular room we referred to as the "break room".  It was complete with tables, appliances and all the basic kitchen amenities.  There are many windows and it was a cold night so the temperature readings can't be ruled as significant findings.  Therefore, in correlation with high EMF readings and the positive photo above taken during the phenomena renders this a true paranormal experience.  The team members felt as if the room was very crowded, we were definitely not alone.  At one point the phenomena seemed to engulfed PITT member, Tina.  It seemed to be stuck to her. 


We experienced cold spots in the Northwest walkway ramp outside the concession area.  We also had temperature increases in the balcony on the Southeast corner.  Positive photos were obtained and are included with this report.  Temperature dropped to 50 degrees when baseline was recorded at 59-60 degrees.  The biggest temperature decrease was that southwest walkway.  An apparition began to form in the shape of a mist in front of team member, Teri but quickly faded.  Nothing showed up on video as phenomena occured next to and somewhat behind the camera.  A positive photo was obtained in this area and the profi EMF meter was reading 2-3 at this marker, as well.  This phenomena lasted about 1 minute and moved up the ramp walkway as team members followed it, it quickly deminised.  (See positive photo in gallery).     


At one point during a break (after this sweep) the team members were sitting quietly on the stage grabbing a snack and replenishing batteries, tapes and recorders.  As we sat there, all of the sudden we heard a blood curtiling scream coming from the balcony (southeast side) of the auditorium. The scream lasted for 3 consecutive times and occured about 2:30am.  Several members heard it and stood frozen on the stage as we listened to the hair raising phenomena.  Unfortunately, and as murphy's law would suggest - our equipment had turned off and did not pick up the woman's screaming.  Analog recorders were being replenished at that time, as were the video cameras, so this fantastic phenomena did not get recorded and properly documented.  However, the experience alone (data or not) was too incredible not to include in the report!  Maybe we'll get the data next time!


After the break and resetting cameras we roamed the building a bit then decided to do a sit down in the balcony area facing the stage.  At one point during this sit down, we saw lights coming from an area in the ceiling which seemed to be generated around the fly floor area.  The light would go off in different timed sequences.  They were sparse occuring in 10, 15 and 20 second interverals.  At the same time several members were getting chills and felt very cold although no obvious temperature decreases were recorded.  The lights continued to flash in the ceiling area and we watched them for about 20 minutes before we went to investigate their origin.  We could not find a window area nearby or obvious known source for the lights.  This happened at approximately 3:30am.  We asked the stage manager before we left what could cause this light show and pointed out the area to him but he could not offer us a reason or explanation for the occurance. 


It is rumored there that a male employee (stage hand/manager) had hung himself in this area.  When we asked the stage manager about this rumor, he debunked it saying it was an urban legend and did not happen.  He has been the stage manager there for over a decade and also denies allegations that the suicide person's name is written on the wall in the supposed area.  PITT was not granted access to the attic due to hazards of an old building.  PITT will be doing more research on this in the future as we plan to conduct more investigations at this site.  


We are not 100% convinced the "unknown lights" were paranormal.  We could not find a source for the lights searched diligently for an explanation but came up empty.  It is also irnoic how these lights happen to occur in the area rumored of a suicide.  We plan to follow up with this in future investigations to see if this enigma happens again.


After spending a fair amount of time looking for an explanation to the lights, we headed to the stage area to see it from that angle.  It was not as visible directly under the stage but it was slighly visible in the orchestra pit area.  We continued to monitor it as we continued our sit down on the stage.  Many team members felt a very cold chill go by as we sat there quietly we heard what sounded like a coin was dropped in the seats right in front of us.  A team member went to look for the source and found a small, silver, 4 pronged clip from an ace bandage.  Member threw it on the ground and team identified that was the sound we all heard.  This phenomena was recorded on video, audibly, but not visably.  


We continued our sit down on the stage area as time was getting close for us to pack up and head home.  The building seemed crowded but quiet.  Faint voices and footsteps were heard but not picked up on analog recorders.  We saw shadows moving across the back of the theatre and we all felt an extreme temperature drop of cold air move in.  We had a 6 degree temperature drop from the baseline at that time.  The temp was recorded between 52 and 54 degrees.  Many members saw shadows and felt like we were being watched, or as stated felt crowded! 


Just prior to packing up for the night, 2 people were discussing an impression.  When listening to the tape of the conversation later, we heard a strange noise followed by a loud thud.  The noise sounds like a turkey and we did NOT hear it (or the thud) while talking as you can tell by listening to the clip, we don't acknowledge the sound at all.  If you slow the recording down, the turkey noise sounds like a woman screaming "Nooo" and then "THUD!".  It is almost as if the faster vibration of the spirit was caught on this clip.  No alterations were made to it, what-so-ever, but we encourage you to slow down the clip and listen, if you have that ability.  *This Sound anomaly is included in the EVP section at the top of the page.*




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