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Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa
Tulsa Business - 12/28/02

Tulsa Business Investigation


Date:  12-28-02

Location:  Tulsa, OK

Report By:  Valerie Greenhaw


**Due to Client request the name of business and any information that could disclose location will remain anonymous.  Information on this site will be vague and any positive photos obtained will be blurred in any areas that could possibly reveal the location.  The anomaly on the photo will not be altered in any way only the perimeters will be blurred.  We do this only at the request of the owner and their desire to remain confidential.  Thanks for understanding***


Members present:

Teri, Tina, Rhonda, Darren & Valerie



     Solar X-rays:  Active

     Geomagnetic fields:  Unsettled

     Temperature:  52 degrees, partly cloudy

     Wind:  6 mph from the South

     Humidity:  58%

     Moon Phase:  Waning


Type:  Business Residential Investigation - Indoors



Sony Night shot Camcorder w/ Infrared Light Extender

Outside Monitor & VCR connection

(1)  Greenlee Temperature Meter

(2)  Gauss Master EMF Meters

(3) Audio Recorders w/ external Mics

(2) 35mm Cameras

(3) Digital Cameras


Sweeps & Journal:


Room 1:

EMF :  .5 - .2

Temperature:  71 degrees

Room contaminates: water pipes, and electrical outlets.

Notes:  EMF readings measure higher, closer to the ceiling. Determined to of manmade source.     


Main Room:

EMF :  .7

Temperature:  73 - 74 degrees

Room contaminates:  multiple outlets, extension cords, electrical appliances, floor furnace

Notes:  Teri feels cool air movement on the back of her neck, determined to be       

of manmade source.  No temperature increase.  EMF registered 1.0 in the middle of the room, higher closer to floor, and lower, closer to the ceiling.  Rhonda went through 8 batteries, changing them 4 times.



EMF: 1.0 close to appliances.  Expected.

Temperature:  62

Room contaminates:  Large appliances, electrical outlets

Notes: Significantly colder in kitchen area.  On South side of house, and drafty.


Purple Room:

EMF: .3

Temperature:  69

Room contaminates:  tanning bed, washer and dryer

Notes: Room is cold and drafty due to Jalousie windows, and gap between outside door and frame. Readings peaked close to tanning bed .3, and washer and dryer registered .2.  All EMF readings determined to be of  man-made sources.

**Positive Photo Obtained**



EMF:  .25

Temperature:  71 degrees

Notes:  negligible


Upstairs Apartment :

EMF:  .2 1.0 electrically related

Temperature:  69

Room contaminates:  Big screen TV, stereo, speakers, all within a small space.  EMF readings within normal limits.


Upstairs Studio:

EMF:  1.0

Temperature:  68 degrees

Room contaminates: Computer, stereo

Notes: Low EMF except near computer and stereo.  In this area Teri saw a very large orb travel across the studio room during pre-walkthrough.  A lot of energy felt in this area, which is consistent with residents reports of activity.  It also is consistent with owners report of a female presence.


End of sweep 12:30



Impressions Teri:  Female presence, Kathleen, approx. 35 years of age, legs tingled, diabetic?  Felt a nurse occupation, or someone who took care of sick people.  Teri also had the impression of a little girl named Sarah 6-8 years of age with long brown hair and cut bangs.  She said This is MY house! Seemed happy and playful.  This impression is consistent with owner as she saw a little girl once matching that description. 


At 1:40am the cat, another contaminate, seemed intent on blocking us, and meowed loudly in protest as we made our way to the upstairs apartment.  The residents were asleep in the upstairs bedroom, and were also a source of contamination. 



Undetermined.  Sony night shot camera captured nothing out of the ordinary.  Impressions point to paranormal activity, but we were only able to correlate them with witness accounts and not with equipment.   A second follow-up investigation is warranted without contaminates of first investigation and is in the process of being scheduled.


History of this 100 year old home to be coming soon as it is being worked on at present.



The photographic data to this site will not be posted to maintain client confidentiality.  We received only 3 positive photos and did not obtain any EVP at this location this investigation.  At this time PITT does not feel this site requires a follow up investigation.  Should owners want another investigation, PITT will be referring them to a local team of merit.  

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