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Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa
The Cain's Ballroom




Cains Ballroom Investigation


Report by:  Tina Stevens



Media: Darren Dedo, camera man Robert Perkins and producer Julie Goodwill  with the FOX evening news of Tulsa




Solar X-rays: Active

Geomagnetic Fields: Unsettled

Temperature: 35F

Humidity: 98%

Moon Phase: Waning, 6% to New


Sweep 1 started at 11:30 pm


Ballroom Area


South Wall 

 EMF: fluctuating .2 to .4   (man made sources)

 Temperature: 59F


Front Stage:  

EMF: fluctuations of .2 to .8  No reaction with Profee. (man made sources)

Temperature: 63F-65F        


Center Ballroom:

EMF: .2 to .5, (man made sources) Some spikes of .5 to.9 with one occurrence of spike 1. as user approached the bar area. (spike source undetermined)

Temperature: 62-65F



North Wall:

EMF fluctuating .2 to .4 , Profee spike of 1. on 2nd sweep.

Temperature: 59F


Several members of the team experience cold spots. As the team closes in on the north wall Teri, Tina, & Craig smell the scent of rawhide or something smokey. 

Room Contaminates (throughout): There are numerous water leaks in the ceiling & walls. There are also tons of electrical and sound/lighting equipment. The spring-loaded floor is affecting the EMF meters as well. There was also a turbine engine making quite a racket part of the time. It was off during the last half and the entire second proper sweep. This is evident in the temperature readings. The temperature seemed to fluctuate quite a bit, even well after the breakers and the turbine were shut off 

Notes: Much time was spent in the center of the ballroom to determine causes of said readings. Some could not be correlated with the Profee. The Gauss master took majority of EMF readings. Gauss master is standard meter, unless specified otherwise. We did not find the guassmaster the tool to use on this investigation.

Ladies Bathroom:

EMF (Profee): Spiked 1.0 at entry. Stall doors 1 and 2 also read 1.0 Profee did not react again until reaching the far back north stall. Attempts to reproduce readings in said areas were unsuccessful. 

Temperature: 65F- 66F 


EMF (Profee): Fluctuating 5. To 6. Highest reading is at the top.

Temperature: 62F-66F High ceiling reads warmer.


Mens Bathroom:

EMF: 2. To 3. (man made sources)

Temperature: 60F

Bar Area:

EMF: readings not reliable. Too many man made contaminates. No unusual spikes.

Temperature: 58F

Bench seating area (west end of ballroom)

Darren Dedo and his crew sat at the bench area during our first sweep. They started to experience heavy cold and hot spots lingering around Darren.

Mr. Dedo filmed at this time which included a potential anomaly in his report which can be seen his feature story. The cause of this anomaly is still unknown. 



Stage. 2:40 a.m.  Bob Wills CD playing. Teri sees shadow behind bar area and a few minutes later she reports seeing an orb in that general area.



 Two guests witnessed sconce lighting that turned on, dimmed and turned off.  This phenomena was not captured on video, unfortunately.  All electricity was off when this occured and Teri obtained a positive photo from the area immediately after the phenomena. (picture to be posted soon).


*No EVP's obtained this investigation.*




Although the investigation did not provide proof positive of the Cains being haunted we eagerly wait for another opportunity to collect more data.


We had a fantastic time and everyone at the Cains was most gracious.

Watch the investigation !

Teri, Tina & Camera man Rob, FOX23 News
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Check out the white mist anomaly on the bottom left corner!

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Backstage at the Cain's
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Not necessarily paranormal - posted for fun!