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Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa
Turley House

Turley House Investigation


Location:  Tulsa, OK

Date:  November 23, 2002

Report by:  Rhonda Lunsford



Team Members Present:

Teri, Valerie, Rhonda, Darren



Sony Nightshot Camcorder 

Sony Infrared light w/extender

Trikkon tripod

Sony clear voice recorder w/ external mic

Olympus Pearlcorder L100 recorder w/ external mic

Kodak DC3200 digital camera

Gauss Master EMF Meter

Greenlee Temperature Meter

Gemline IT10 infrared thermometer

Sony cyber-shot digital camera

Samsung Maxima 35 mm still camera

Monitor & VCR display set up


Field conditions:

Solar x-ray:  Active

Geomagnetic field: Storm

Temperature: 42

Wind:  South at 5 mph

Humidity:  82%

Moon phase:  Waning

Time:  12:00 midnight


Type:  Indoor Residential Investigation

This picture submitted by Residents.
Per residen's request, her face has been blurred. No other alterations have been made.

This picture take of the same area as above. Notice the 'orbs' in the bushes?

Now you see it (behind Rhonda)

Now you don't!
The two pictures above were taken in sequence. Once pic has an orb, the other doesn't.

Sweeps & Journal


Living room: 

EMF: High .3 to .6 at exterior walls but none in the middle of the room

Temperature: 62 floor 72 ceiling

Changes:  Temperature difference was due to the open flame wall heater.  Comment:  Teri got a severe headache upon entering the living room.  She and Val heard a growl.



EMF:  From .7 to off the scale

Temperature: 71

Comment:  Native American art work with an electric lamp and a telephone outlet on the wall, most likely causing the high EMF.**positive photo data obtained, see below**


Parent's Bedroom:

EMF:  Extremely high, .9 at exterior walls.  Middle of the room .2

Temperature:  68 initially, then an increase to 71

Comment:  High line wires outside overhead the bedroom most likely causing high EMF


Children's Bedroom:

EMF:  Extremely variable from .2 to .6.  Higher readings obtained near outside wall where childrens toy box sits.

Temperature 69-70

Comments:  While standing in the middle of the room and turning in a circle with the gauss master on, Darren consistently got readings that went from low .2 to high .6.  Could have been from the overhead light, but unknown.

This is the room where everyone is uncomfortable.  The children wont sleep through the night there.  The 10 year old son claims a man lives in that room who wants the house to be nasty like it was before they moved in.  The 3 year old daughter has conversations with unknown people. Both children report seeing a shadowy man standing near their toy box in the middle of the night.



EMF: Off the scale

Temperature 74 degrees

Comment:  These readings were due to appliances


Laundry room:

EMF:  High near computer at .6

Temperature 73-75

Comment:  Darren saw the shadow of a cat run from beneath the computer desk behind a laundry bag.  The owner verified that her cats were all outside at the time, and that she sees the same shadow all the time.  The previous owners fed 35 wild cats.  We have determined this was a sighting of a phantom cat yet did not get any positive photos to substantiate this.



EMF:  No EMF except under the fluorescent lights at .5

Temperature 68

Comment:  Teri heard a mans voice call, Hey! but it wasnt captured on walking log.  It is necessary to walk through the garage to get to the stairs leading up to the third bedroom. 

**Positive Photo Obtained**


Upstairs bedroom:


Temperature:  65

Comment:  Homeowner reports the television coming on by itself.  She will no longer go up there because shes so uncomfortable.  It had been the workroom of the previous owner who stayed up there all day, and who had built a small trap door in the floor that allowed his wife in the kitchen to pass him beverages and food. 


Interpretive Summary

We believe the activity in the Turley house is due to a combination of conditions.  (See Teri's psychic impressions below)  The owner has had paranormal experiences since being a teenager.  After receiving a kitten as a present, she woke up one night to discover her sheet and blanket had been tucked in tightly around her body.  Then, both faucets on her bathroom sink turned on simultaneously.  Also, while staying at her grandmother's house, she had a strange experience. When she came out of her room, her grandmother asked her "How did you do that?"  When she asked, "Do what?" the grandmother said she had seen her go into her bedroom then come out another room moments later yet she had been in her bedroom the entire time!  There have been two instances where the homeowner heard rustling sounds as though someone was getting into the passenger seat of her car.



We feel many of teh occurrences in the Turley house are based on residual energy.  There are many animals living in and outside of the house and previous owners cared for many cats.  The phantom cat in the laundry room is almost certainly due to that either as residual energy or the spirit of an animal who has passed over.   


There is a great deal of electrical energy fields around and over the house in the form of high lines.  It is determined that a follow up is needed at this location and is scheduled.


Of note is an interesting tree just outside the kitchen door.  It is over fifty feet tall and the homeowners numerous chickens roost there at night. Also, they have a pigmy goat, a pot-bellied pig, a regular goat, a gaggle of geese, some ducks, and five cats. Contamination from the animals precluded our getting any usable EVP in the childrens bedroom

(**EVP of pig and goat encounter just for fun**)


Psychic Impressions:

Teri believes that most of the experiences in the home are directly related to the resident and her ability to draw them close to her.  Impressions were vague but Teri could feel the strong presence of a male in the garage area and a female in the computer room area.  Teri believes that the entities are more attached to the land of this residence more so than the house itself. 


Teri had the impression of a male with a strong "H" connection and resident was able to correlate that to someone close to her.  It is thought that the energy is residual in nature as not much communication would take place.  The garage and computer areas need to be investigated farther.