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Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa
Broken Arrow Residential - 2

Saturday, July 27, 2002

10:20 PM thru July 28, 2002 3:00 AM

Waxing Moon (3 days past full)

Report by:  Darren S.









Master Bedroom


(1) Sony Voice Recorder with external microphone

(1) Fuji Fine Digital Camera 1.3 megapixel

(2) Gaussmaster

(1) Olympus D-520 Digital Camera

(1) Kodak DC3200 Digital Camera

(1) Greenlee DM-55 Thermometer

(1) Rayteck Laser Thermometer

(1) Sony Night Shot Camcorder

(1) Radio Vox Voice Recorder with external microphone

(1) Multidetector II

(1) Vivitar EZ 35mm Camera with 800 speed color film

(1) RCA Digital Voice Recorder with external microphone

(1) Minolta Autofocus 35mm Camera with 400 speed black/white film and 800 speed color film



Master Bedroom - 77 degrees F  

EMF High due to TV and computer equipment


Digital Photos: No data obtained

35mm Photos: No data obtained

Video: 11 visual anomalies were obtained.


No substantial data obtained.



Teri sensed the same two entities as in the first investigation - the black female and the intimidating male. She felt the male entity was a cause of the homeowners fear and in turn using that fear to create a greater impact in her (homeowner) feelings. Teri was unable to sense a name for the male entity. However, she was able to sense he was a man who had control in a relationship prior to his death and needed to maintain that control through intimidating the homeowner. Likewise, the female entity was held back from the male entity out of fear for his presence.

Teri felt dizzy in the northeast area of the room for an unknown reason. It is believed by Teri that this area could be a portal and this is the area in which many of the visual video anomalies were obtained. She spent extra time in that particular area heavily "smudging" and cleansing the area with sage at the conclusion of the investigation per the homeowners request. Teri felt a "release" after the smudging and guidance which indicated the female entity had moved on. It was difficult for her to obtain any impressions on the male entity.


Preliminary findings of the June 28, 2002 investigation were reviewed with the homowners. Adequate time was given for both the homeowners and P.I..T.T. to ask and answer questions. The husband and children were out of the home. The family pets were present - cat, 2 dogs, rabbit, and iguana.

The investigation got underway at approximately 10:40 PM. The focus of this investigation was on the Master Bedroom - the area of the home reported to having all the activity. Baseline temperature and EMF readings were obtained at the start of the investigation (refer to data table). Readings were taken periodically throughout the night with no substantial deviations from the baseline readings. Temperature and EMF readings were also consistent with data obtained during the first investigation.

Voice recordings were consistently obtained throughout the night with no substantiating data or anomalies.

Digital and 35mm still photographs were taken throughout the course of the night using pre-establish protocol to prevent any possible contamination or false positives. The still photography resulted in several orbs and anomalies. An experiment was conducted to rule-out light glare as the cause of a photo anomaly from the first investigation. The mirrors in the affected area were covered and photographs were taken again of the area. It was determined light glare from the mirror was the cause for the anomaly.

Video recording began in the Master Bedroom at approximately 12:10 AM. The camera was placed in the southwest corner facing the southeast to east central portion of the room and a portion of the room the homeowner reported having the most activity. A multitude of orbs were obtained on the far left (northeast of the room) of the camera field at approximately 2:15 AM in an area Teri felt dizzy earlier in the investigation.

A "sit-down" conducted by Teri and Tina resulted in hearing scratching sounds several times on the carpeting. The scratching sounds were not captured on sound recordings. Craig and Darren also conducted a "sit-down" resulting in hearing a noise like that of a bag crinkling in the northeast corner of the room. Again nothing was captured audibly.

At homeowners request, Teri conducted a cleansing ritual in an attempt to rid the home of any entities. The ritual consisted of burning sage and reciting cleansing words.

The investigation concluded at 3:00AM.


The data collected from the two investigations do not provide significant evidence to substantiate the presence of paranormal activity. The orbs captured in both the still and video photography can only be classifed as "unexplained" given the absence of any substantial collaborating data. This conclusion is further validated by the fact the husband, children, and pets in the home are seemingly non-reactive to the stimuli experienced by one of the occupants.

In the absence of any natural causes, previously diagnosed medical or mental health conditions, and deception, P.I.T.T have come to three possible explanations for the unexplained phenomena.

  1. First is the fact that the effected person reports her experiences immediately upon awakening suggest a possible sleep disturbance.
  2. Second, it may be possible that the effected person is able to react to stimuli which is outside the average range of human perception. Unfortunately, this can not be confirmed using the investigative equipment.
  3. The third explanation is a combination of the two interacting together.

The psychic impressions by Teri are difficult to interpret. Although the presence of two spirits were sensed, it is not believed the home is inhabited on an ongoing basis by these spirits. However, given the nature of the husband's profession (mortician) it is possible the home is visited by the spirits of the recently deceased that are under the husband's care. Teri also feels there is a possible "portal" on the north side of the bedroom caused by the multiple mirrors functioning as a conductor. Without more collaborating data, these impressions are merely a possibility.

Given any explanation, fear and anxiety would certainly increase the frequency and severity of the experiences. It is essential that the homeowner understands and accepts these experiences as a part of her. Understand that she is ultimately in control and accept that the experiences cannot physically do her harm. To gain and maintain control decreases the power of the phenomena.


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