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Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa

Tulsa Little Theater


Formally Tulsa Little Theater & Delaware Playhouse

Below is a picture taken by PITT founder, Teri with a Kodak DC3200 digital camera.  There was nothing hanging from the ceiling.  According to protocol there were no flashlights on and 2 pictures taken.  The neon-blue light anomalie does not appear in the second photo.  We found this truly unique!

Cropped Version
This picture is cropped and lightened slightly to better see the anomaly.

Blue light anomalie

Spirits in the Rafters?

The Avondale Studio & Theater -Investigation # 1 

Friday, October 11, 2002

By: Teri French

Team Members Present: Teri, Rhonda, Darren, Val & Craig

Guest: Gretchen (Urban Tulsa Magazine)

Temperature and Stats:

Solar X-Rays: Active

Geomagnetic Fields: Quiet

Temp: 70 degrees F and overcast

Winds: SSW at 10mph

Humidity: 66%

Waxing Moon

Type: Indoor Investigation


Sony Night Shot Camcorder W/ Infrared Light Extender

Outside Monitor with VCR & Cables

(1) Greenlee Temperature Meter

(2) Gauss Master EMF Meters

(3) Audio Recorders with External Mics

(2) 35 mm Cameras

(3) Digital Cameras

Sweeps & Journal:

Investigation began promptly at 10:00pm. First sweep to record baseline readings and check for any changes within those as the night progressed. 

Stairwell / Theater Entrance This was our starting point on the first sweep. EMF range as .2 to .3 with temperature steady at 73 degrees. Stage Right Aisle EMF readings were a steady .7 that seemed to be indicated and caused by natural sources and piping in the ceiling of the auditorium. The Air ducts and other areas made EMF meter top out. Temperature was an even 71 degrees F.

Front of stage area (Far right) EMF spikes at .4 & .8. No pipes were running on the ceiling in that area and oddly the EMF stopped totally when we reached the middle section directly in front of the stage. The middle area of the stage is where all the piping grouped and met which rules out natural sources for the high EMF readings on stage right.

Middle Stage Area EMF readings were 0, which we found odd as that is where the pipes grouped and came together. PITT has no explanation for the absence of readings in this area. A large projection monitor hangs from the ceiling at the direct center and we still did not receive any EMF readings. Not even those of a man made or natural source.

***Positive photo data obtained in this area and included herein***

Stage left - EMF readings were 0 which was also odd, as air ducts and other devices that made it react on opposite side were also present. Temperature inside the theater was recorded at 72-73 degrees F. No explanation could be found for the reason of high EMF readings on the stage right area when stage left had nothing.

Stage left aisle had EMF spikes to .7 that were caused by natural and man made sources. Temperature remained at 72-73 degrees F.

Center of stage had area where all beams crossed and met. That area had virtually no EMF readings whatsoever. As EMF meters were brought into the seating area of the Theater, EMF readings were high. It is noted these high readings were the cause of the piping in the ceiling which is natural and man made sources for the spikes.

The Stage Area EMF stayed consistent at .1 -.2 and temperature was recorded to fluctuate between 72 and 73 degrees F. Note: As seen in pictures there was musical equipment on stage.

Back Stage Area EMF readings were .3 to .5 and Temperature was recorded to be at 73 degrees F. Back stage area had a lot of contamination with lighting, theater equipment and the like. All power was shut off in the building as we conducted sweeps but the building had many natural sources for high EMF readings.

Lobby Area The lobby area had EMF readings of .3 to .4 and temperature stayed a consistent 76 degrees F.

The theater part of the building is underground so the temperature stays much cooler than that of the lobby area.

END of Sweep 1


Sweep 2 conducted at 12:30am. 10-12-02

Lobby area - Starting point for sweep 2 was the lobby area. EMF readings were .2 to .3 which were somewhat lower than first initial sweep. Temperature was 75 degree F that is consistent with what we recorded on the first sweep.

Stairwell/Theater Entrance - EMF readings were 0 to .2 in this area. There were considerably lower than the first sweep, which we recorded up to .3. Temperature was recorded at 74 degrees F that was consistent with first sweep.

Stage Right Aisle - EMF considerably lower on sweep to being recorded at .3 and .2 as opposed to the first sweep where they were recorded at .7 and dismissed due to the pipes in the wall overhead. However, positive data was obtained on the first sweep when high EMF readings were being recorded. Temperature was recorded at 71 degrees F that was consistent with first sweep.

Front of Stage Area - (Far right) EMF readings were at .1 and .2 and Temperature was recorded to be at 71 degrees F. EMF readings were considerably lower than first sweep which were recorded at .4 to .8.

Center Stage Area - On second sweep we did get EMF readings this time which were .1 and .2 whereas first sweep did not record any. It was nearly an opposite effect from the first sweep. Temperature recorded at 71 degrees F that is consistent.

Stage Left - EMF readings were .1 and .2 and Temperature was recorded at the consistent 71 degrees. During first sweep no EMF readings were gotten in this area. Second sweep showed a change in the electromagnetic fields.

Stage Left Aisle - EMF readings were .2 and Temperature a consistent 71 degrees F. EMF readings considerably lower than first sweep which were recorded at .7 and higher. High readings were presumed to be caused by overhead pipes and air ducts as well as other man made and natural sources.

***Possible Video data obtained in this area ***

Stage Area EMF - EMF readings were obtained to be at 0 or .2 on the stage itself. First sweep had readings of .1 and .2, which make it consistent with first sweep. Temperature was recorded at 71 degrees F no changes noted herein.

Back Stage Area The back stage area was also consistent with EMF and Temperature data with EMF readings at .5 and temperature at 73 degrees F.

Odd loud noises were heard from this area during sit-down. (See journal below)


When we arrived and set up equipment and did our baseline readings there seemed to be more activity in the beginning of our sweep than even later into the evening. We found this odd. We have noticed that activity seems more prevalent during the midnight to 3am hours, however, it seemed that any notable activity occurred between 10pm and midnight for this investigation.

During the first sweep Teri witness moving orbs and obtained positive photographic proof of the energy. She felt the energy of a male presence in the seating area, third row back in the center. High EMF readings were obtained in that area in the beginning but as the evening progressed, EMF readings had decrease. The Pipes in the ceiling overhead made this impossible to identify.

High EMF readings and pictures taken during turned in some positive photography and video from the early part of the evening. Some of that data is (and will) be included with this report. Positive data obtained for this investigation were video and photos.

During the sit-down we had some experiences. Teri, Rhonda, Val and Craig sat on the stage area at one point. Val felt like something was right behind her and Teri saw something standing immediately behind her, but then vanished. Teri also felt something touch her head shortly after that. It is believed the spirit of a little girl still visits the Avondale, and we believe this was her making her presence known to us. We believe she is intelligent. There are other energies there, but seem to be more of a residual type of energy. Also during the sit down several members heard noises coming from the back stage area and no one was in that area of the building at the time.

After midnight all activity seemed to cease which according to witnesses and building owner, is totally out of the norm. More investigations will be conducted at this location and we hope to uncover some of the mysteries of this great building.

History of the Avondale Theater and Studio coming soon



The pictures below are not paranormal, just extra pictures of the investigation.  

Think it's only an audience that sits here?

The Avondale Theater (formally known as the Delaware Playhouse and Tulsa Little Theater) was built in the early 1900's.  PITT will be conducting several investigations of this great old building which are in the works at this time.  Any findings will be posted as available.

Keep watching!

The PITT at work
With Special Guest Gretchen / Freelance writer - Urban Tulsa Magazine