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Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa
Broken Arrow Residential Home

June 28, 2002

Report by:  Darren S.



Darren, Val, Teri, Tina, Craig & Cindy



Friday June 28, 2002

10:00 p.m. thru June 29, 2002 4:30 AM

Waning Moon (4 days past full)


(1) GE Voice Recorder with external microphone

(1) Fuji Fine Digital Camera 1.3 megapixel

(2) Gaussmaster

(1) Olympus D-520 Digital Camera

(1) Kodak DC3200 Digital Camera

(1) Greenlee DM-55 Thermometer

(1) Rayteck Laser Thermometer

(1) Panasonic Camcorder

(1) Radio Vox Voice Recorder with external microphone

(1) Multidetector II

(1) Polaroid 200BF 35mm Camera with 400 speed color film

(1) Vivitar EZ 35mm Camera with 800 speed color film

(1) RCA Digital Voice Recorder with external microphone

(1) Minolta Autofocus 35mm Camera with 400 speed black/white film and 800 speed color film

(1) Cannon Rebel 35mm Camera with 800 speed color film

(1) Polaroid PDC 640 CF Digital Camera



Kitchen - 76 degrees F  - EMF High due to appliances

Dining Room - 76 degrees F - EMF Within normal limits

Living Room - 77 degrees F - EMF Normal except Fireplace area

Bedroom 1 - 76 degrees F - EMF Within normal limits

Hall Bathroom - 77 degrees F - EMF Within normal limits

Bedroom 2 - 77 degrees F - EMF High due to appliances

Hallway - 77 degrees F  - EMF Within normal limits

Laundry Room - 77 degrees F - EMF Within normal limits

Master Bedroom - 77 degrees F - EMF High due to TV & Computer equipment 

Master Bathroom - 77 degrees F  - EMF Within normal limits


Digital Photos: 3 Digital Anomalies (Shown)

35mm Photos: No data obtained

Video: No data obtained this investigation.


No substantial data obtained.


Teri sensed a female presence, a black lady who was once a slave with a name resembling "Joslyn" or "Roslyn". Teri felt she was attracted to the homeowner psychically and afraid to leave the home. Her presence was very timid and shy.  She could have ties to the land. Teri also sensed the energy of a male entity that didn't want her there. Teri felt he was a product of something coming home with the husband. His personality was very stubborn and remained in the home because he took pleasure in intimidating the homewoner.  


Investigation procedures were thoroughly explained to the homeowners. Adequate time was allowed for both the homeowners and P.I.T.T. to ask questions regarding all aspects of the investigation - equipment to be used, historical questions, expectations and occurances since preliminary interview. The homeowners children were out of the home. The family pets were present - cat, 2 dogs, rabbit, and iguana.

The investigation got underway at approximately 11:15 PM. Baseline temperature and electromagnetic field (EMF) readings were gathered in each room of the home. Data collection began in the kitchen then systematically continued throughout the home to end in the Master Bedroom. (Refer to temperature and EMF data table) The high EMF readings that were obtained in the home were to be expected due to natural and man-made sources of electrical appliances, plumbing, and electronic devices found in those areas. The ambient temperature of the home ranged between 76 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature and EMF readings taken randomly throughout the night did not reveal any significant deviations from the baseline data. No hot-spots or cold-spots detected.

A simple dye test was conducted on the Hall Bathroom toilet to rule out possible plumbing problems. Spontanious toilet flushing can be a result of a faulty flapper valve. The test consisted of placing several drops of blue dye in the water tank. The water in the toilet bowl was monitored throughout the night for color change. At 4:00 AM, the water in the toilet bowl had changed from clear to light blue. Such a change indicated the toilet flapper valve was faulty and the cause for the spontanious toilet flushing.

Digital and 35mm still photographs were taken throughout the course of the night using pre-establish protocol to prevent any possible contamination or false positives. The still photography resulted in several orbs and other anomalies.

Voice recorders were run consistently throughout the night in the Master Bedroom. No substantial data was obtained.

Video recording began in the Master Bedroom at approximately 2:30 AM. The camera was placed in the northwest corner facing the southeast corner of the room - the portion of the room the homeowner reported having the most activity. The group "sit-down" also began at that time in the same room. The "sit-down" started slow. Little activity was experienced within the first hour. As the night progressed, various group members witnessed visual anomalies but none of them were unanimously witnessed by each member of the group. Video recordings did not reveal any anomalies.

The investigation concluded at 4:30AM.

End Report from 1st Investigaiton


Unexplained Photo Anomalies:

Neon Green Orb with Yellow Aura
Notice how this anomaly travels on PIC #2 below
PIC # 2- Neon green orb has moved and traveled.
No other photos show this anomaly.

Other anomalous photos taken:

Strange moving orb on pillow in Master Bedroom
PIC #2 (below) was taken immediately after this one and anomaly is gone.
Now you see it....Now you don't!
Another one for our 'unexplained file!

The pictures above are classified as "Unexplained".  
No alterations have been made to these pictures whatsoever.
The pictures above containing anomalies have been cropped per the homeowner's request to protect their privacy.
The exact location of this investigation is confidential and will not be released per the homeowner's request.
Please feel free to e-mail us on the neon green anomaly.
This one has us stumped as we have not seen this before, especially with the aura around it.
For information purposes only:
~Color Associations~
Green symbolizes Finance, Fertility and Luck
Yellow symbolizes Attraction, Persuasion, charm and confidence.

More General Pictures coming soon.
This investigation is closed.