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Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa
Gilcrease Investigations
Thomas Gilcrease Home
Is there someone in the window to the left? No one was in the home when this picture was taken!
Window area enlarged
What do you think?

Thomas Gilcrease Home
P.I.T.T. got the rare and privledged opportunity to conduct two investigations, thus far, in the lovely old home of Mr. Thomas Gilcrease.  The 2 story, Sandstone home was constructed in 1913 and sits among the beautiful Gilcrease Hills behind his popular museum.  Mr. Gilcrease bought the house shortly after it was built and it was his home for many years.  When he was traveling his children ran an orphanage in the home at Mr. Gilcrease's request.  He returned to the home when the oprhanage had to close due to unmanagable circumstances and it was his home steadily until he passed in May, 1962.  
This site has never been investigated in the past.  The last time anyone was here to determine if it's haunted was in 1996 when a Tulsa World reporter spent the night.  It is said that Mr. Gilcrease never left his beloved home, museum and grounds with numerous sightings of his ghost and the massive turnover of night watchman at the museum!  At times it seems like his ghost gets nearly as much attention as his beautiful and infamous art collection!
Here's some of our Findings from the Gilcrease!
Gilcrease I Investigation - Team Leaders report - Click Here 
This is from the first trip on April 20, 2002.  The journal and report from the first inital investigation.
Check out the journal of the evening and the incredible experiences we had on second investigatioin at the infamous Gilcrease Home.
Here you will find some great pictures obtained on our second investigation on May 11, 2002.  Don't forget to also check out our Club Photo Album Page.
These are the collections of our most profound EVP's and sound anomalies from the Gilcrease trip on May 11, 2002.
We have captured some amazing video, some of which was featured on FOX23 News Story May 19th.  We hope to have the video clips added to the site very soon...check back often!
We've spent over 20 hours investigating this awesome historical landmark and in that time we have grown a real attachment to the house and it's *occupants*.   This has truly been an experience the P. I. T. T. will never forget!

Apparition Discovered?!! Look to the far right.
A man on the balcony wearing hat.....

Below is an enlarged photo of the area in which we may have an apparition.  After putting the picture through many filters and unable to produce a comparison shot that has the same image, this picture definately goes into our "unexplained" files.  What do you think??? 

Area of picture cropped and enlarged
Picture taken with a 35mm Canon Rebel EOS camera / no flash
Yet another "odd" image captured in this photo!
This image found in the middle of the picture on the balcony. What do you think it is?