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Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa
Gilcrease Pictures from 5-11-02

Here is our gallery of pics from the Gilcrease.  More pics can be found on our club photo album page.  Some of the pictures shown are just dust and are only there to show pictures of the beautiful Gilcrease Home.  Others are compelling pieces of photo data.  A note worth making:  No dust orbs or otherwise were obtained in photographic data at the first investigation.  Many of the pictures you see here had to be 'lightened' because they were too dark and that is the only alteration made.  In doing that it took away from the brightness on some of them, unfortunately.  We also caught some in motion on video, as well.  Enjoy!

Plasmoid in Motion

The picture above is also where the earpiece was found that seemed to materialize out of no where.  This picture was taken prior to finding the earpiece.  Notice there is nothing on the floor at this time!
See the Report/Journal for the interesting story!

Gilcrease Mist Photo
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Picture captured by Tina
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Beautiful Anomaly!

The picture above is the same as on our Club Photo Album Page.  It's a great picture and was taken the same night as the rest on this page.  We have enlarged the image so you can see it more closely below.  Also notice the bright orb on the curtains just over the piano.  This room was a real "hot spot" in the Gilcrease home.  Tina took this picture and affectionally calls it "Life in Motion." 

Click Here to read the Report & Journal of this very interesting evening!