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Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa
D.D. Cemetery - June 7, 2002

D.D. Cemetery

June 7, 2002

Prepared by: Teri French


          Teri (PITT)

          Christy (PICO)

          Vicky (PICO)


          Temp: 81 degrees

          Wind: 2-5 mph

          Humidity: 85%

          Moon: Waning (decreasing)


Arrived at 7:30pm and met with Christy and Vicky. We started in the middle of the cemetery. We picked a grave that our 'senses' told us was hot and decided to leave a trifield EMF meter on it. Christy experienced problems with the trifield, immediately upon setting it on the grave, it spiked continually. She tried to reset it many times and after checking all probabilities we couldnt explain why the meter would not calm down. Great EVP was captured at this time, as well.

Teri had some feelings by the North fence. When we checked the area it was noted that there were two children's graves. It was out of the way and not a part of the regular cemetery, away from the other graves. Both Vicky and Teri got impressions that others were buried there, as well, although no other markers were erected. We found it sad and unfortunate that these poor children were basically off the beaten path placed in a corner by themselves. Teri set her recorder on one of the graves and captured some possible EVP.

We continued to have EMF spikes in odd places throughout the graveyard that were unexplainable. Teri's pictures didn't show much promise as she only got half of them back. The lady at the photo lab said the computer refused to print nearly half the roll and even when trying manually, the computer refused the pics. She said that had never happened to her before. Vicky also had the same problem with her pictures, although she did get a couple back of interest which are posted here.  Both of us noticed that most of our negatives look clear with no image at all.  Hmmm...

Just as we were about to pack up and leave Teri noticed something bright under a large Oak Tree. When they walked over, we noticed a pinwheel on a veterans grave.  It was emitting light from a lamppost reflecting on its shiny paper. We noticed the pinwheel was spinning rather quickly and thought this was odd considering there was virtually no wind!  There were two flags next to the grave that didn't move, nor did any leaves or branches on the large tree right next to us. We surrounded the pinwheel in an attempt to block any and all possible wind sources. The three of us had it surrounded and it continued to spin quickly. We asked questions and sometimes it did nothing, other times it spun wildly. We noticed that a piece of it kept bending down as if someone was 'tugging' on it. At one point the pinwheel seemed to have been pushed back, as it tilted slightly backwards as we watched.  We asked the spirit to spin it in the opposite direction...and it did on command! It was a very odd experience in that a spirit wanted to make communication that was, for some reason, unable to reach psychics Vicky and Teri. As I stated before, however, there are many children buried there and most of them are not within talking age. We could not come up with an explanation for the phenomena and so a theory by Teri suggests that it was a younger child trying to communicate, as it didn't know the words in which to tell us outright.

We stayed and watched this phenomenon a bit and as it seemed to dissipate we realized it was really late and time to leave. As we walked to our car we noticed a womans hat laying on the ground. It didnt look old but it did look out of place. It was within close proximity to our cars and lying in the middle of a grassy area that we parked next to. We arrived in daylight and are certain it was not there when we arrived. The small wind gusts were not strong enough to move a hat into the middle of the cemetery as they were very minimal. This is obvious in the EVP's, too, as wind noise is nearly non-existent. If it had been very windy, at all, we would discount both the pinwheel and the hat incident but they pleasantly surprised all three of us at the end of the night. Almost like a last hooray, thanks for visiting!



This investigation in conjunction with PICO.  I wish to thank Christy and Vicky for inviting me along.  I had a great time!

The EVP's below were captured using a Sony clear-voice recorder with external mic and also a GE Recorder that used a super-ear extended mic.  Information herein has been thoroughly analyzed and all rights reserved. 
Let us know what you think!

This first EVP was collected by PITT using the Sony recorder with external mic.  The recorder was stationary.  Listen closely and you hear what sounds like 2 small steps in the leaves.  Shortly after you hear a light breathing next to the mic.  Right after the breathing you hear a fanit voice of a child yelling "Mommy!".  The recorder was placed on a child's grave. 

EVP1 - Step / Breathe / Mommy

This next EVP was collected from PICO and obtained using a GE recorder and super-ear extended mic.  It's really hear a woman say what sounds like 'See the headstones!"

EVP 2 - "See the headstones"

The next clip obtained by P.I.T.T. has 3 actual EVP's in it.  You can hear a lady say what sounds like "Can't live now, can't breathe"...or is she saying "can't breathe" twice?  After that you hear Teri say "I can't read any of these names!" (She was refering to headstones trying to validate impressions Vicky and Teri were getting).  Right after Teri speaks you hear a sound that we have been unable to determine what it is or what is being said...let us know if you have any ideas! 

Can't breathe & Unknown noise

The gray box to the right contains some great EVP's collected at this location. 
The picture below is courtesy of Vicky with PICO.  They analyzed and took the photo and allowed us to post it here with this report.  Unfortunately, PITT founder, Teri did not collect any photographic data from this location.  PITT did not analyze the photo posted and we are posting it for your review and thoughts.  As with any picture not taken by us directly, we can't deny or validate the authenticity.  
The EVP's found on this page are combined are are marked as such.  Enjoy!

Profile of Man in Turban-green light from eyes
profile man in turban
Courtesy of Vicky w/ Psychic Answers - all rights reserved

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