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Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa
Gilcrease Recordings from 5-11-02

Here you'll find any sound anomalies and EVP's we obtained at the Gilcrease Home on May 11, 2002 (Trip 2).  You will need a media player to hear them and they should take less than a minute to download.  Enjoy!

The first two clips below are interaction recorded phenomena.  Both clips are members attempting to get reactions from the entities in the home.  We did get reactions...and here is the recorded truth!   
 The first clip labeled "Heard bang" is pretty self explanatory.  We heard a very loud bang from upstairs when all members were gathered together downstairs and our video confirms this, eliminating any of us.  This loud bang was also captured on a video camera we had on the upstairs south bedroom.  The sound seemed to come from that room and was extremely loud but video showed nothing other than the noise.  The analog recorder downstairs was unable to capture how loud the noise was so we have posted both recordings of the anomaly.  
Pretty Interesting!
The second clip labeled "Knock-stairs" is when Teri tried to get a reaction by making noise on the stairs. You hear Teri say "I want to try something" and then she makes some very loud stomping on the stairs and jumps off.  Just after it, you hear a knock, which we believe is a response.  We went up and down those stairs numerous times and do not believe it to be the house settling or a cause from us - as other recordings of walking logs did not produce the same effect.  Check it out and let us know what your reactions are!  Video running at the same time confirms it isn't us! 

Click here: Heard Bang Phenomena

Click Here - Video's loud bang

**NOTE** The first recording was done on an analog recorder that was downstairs.  The second recording of the same noise was done on a digital video camera that was upstairs, which is where the noise seem to come from.  It didn't scare us, but did startle us because it was so very loud and came from an unknown source.  The video shows nothing where the sound was captured

Click here: Knock / Stairs

Below are two more sound anomalies we captured in the piano room which seemed to be a real 'hot spot' in the Gilcrease home.
The one labeled "Piano Key" is just that...a piano key.  This was captured on stationary logs and video.  Unfortunately, we didn't have a camera focused directly on the piano to capture the key being depressed.  However, our video confirms that all members were out of the house when this was recorded.  One of our video cameras was facing the piano room and shows nobody (we could see, anyway) was in the room when this occured.
Really cool!  
The second one is labeled "Knuckle crack".  Teri had walked over to the piano and asks Tina if she was running her video camera.  Tina confirms positively and you hear Teri say "Oh, cool."  Then you hear what sounds like knuckles cracking very loudly next to the microphone - then Teri begins to play the piano.  Teri did not crack her knuckles and video review confirms that.  Video was also helpful in determining all people in the room and their here is yet another unexplainable sound anomaly!  
What do you think? 

Click Here: Piano Key

Click here: Knuckles Crack

This EVP is a little heart wrenching.  You hear a what sounds like a child's voice whisper "Help" ...right after you hear a member say "yee-haw".  We didn't get the impression anyone was in need of help at the Gilcrease on the first investigation but feel that was due to the number of people there and the organized chaos of a TV Camera crew.  The accounts of  the late evening on the second trip readjusted our thoughts a bit...then we got this EVP nearly confirming it.  The seond investigation consisted of only 6 people and did not have the contaminates of the first one.  Let us know what you think.

EVP - Help Whisper - Click Here

We have combed over our sound anomalies and EVP's many, many times.  After careful analyzation and elimination here are all the credible recordings gathered from the Gilcrease.
Besides the one listed to the left, below are some really incredible findings.  We firmly believe these are the most credible because of the correlating evidence that substantiated it.  When we obtained these recordings twe experienced activity happening at that exact moment, be it EMF meter readings, sensations or other unexplained phenomena (noises, etc).   Accompanying the recording is a description of the 'scene' and a link will proceed it. 

This first EVP was obtained downstairs.  It was late in the evening and we kept hearing 'noises' in the room next to us.  We would follow the noise and another would occur in the next room.  This went on for a minute or so and no matter where we followed, the noises the next room.  You hear Teri say "We're not trying to chase you." and just after that you hear a man say "I don't care!" in a rather flippant manner. 

EVP - "I Don't Care" - Click here

This EVP was collected from team member, Cindy.  You can hear a man singing in the background.  Our video confirms that all team members were out of the house at the time and no members sang any songs this night - at all! 

EVP - Man Singing - Click Here

This recording is rather funny.  You hear a man yell something like "Ya'll in BIG Trouble!"  This was obtained towards the end of the evening and what makes it even more interesting is our accounts of that night around this time!  Click here to read the report and journal from this investigation, it's a must read especially since this recording came just before some startling events!  We can't say we weren't warned!

EVP - Big Trouble - Click Here

This EVP is a response from a question.  You hear Teri ask aloud if they like the flowers we brought as a house gift.  Then you hear a lady singing in the background followed by a three-syllable word that sounds like "flattering!".  It is a Class C EVP in that it is faint - listen carefully.  We welcome your comments!

EVP - Lady Singing - Click Here

The journal of our trip on May 11, 2002 has been posted and a link is provided above.  It was a very active nite and we feel this is partly because it was very close to the anniversary date of Mr. Gilcrease's death.  The intimate setting we had for the second investigation was nearly flawless.  Be sure to check out the journal of the evening and see how some of these EVP's and sound anomalies corresponded with some of the events from that night.  It's really interesting!
We had other possible EVP's from this location but for whatever reason were unable to correlate and compare them, so we would rather rule in way of caution and not post them at all.  The PITT is very diligent with our data and the collection of it.  If we can't compare, correlate and analyze it to the fullest degree we would rather not post it at all, just to be safe. We try not to assume anything.
Our data is collected in 'controlled' environments (most of the time - except when camera crews are among us) so we can be sure what we are posting is truly unexplainable to us.  To do otherwise is a total waste of our time, energy and money. 

This one captured on our first investigation.  You will find a link to it at the bottom of the Journal/Report.