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Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa
4-6-02 Report & Data - Abandoned Hospital

Central Oklahoma Abandoned Hospital

PITT April 6-7, 2002

Report By: Teri French

Team Members Present: Teri, Tina, Cindy, Valerie, Craig

OKCGC: Ron, Becky, Erik Laura

Temperature & Stats:

                             Temp - 51 degrees

                             92% Humidity

                             S. Wind 17 mph

                             Solar Activity: Active

                             Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

                             New Moon / Waning


                             Gauss Master EMF Detector

                             Multi-detector EMF

                             Digital Thermal Meter

                             GE Recorder

                             Sony Recorder

                             Radio Shack Recorder  

                             External Microphone

                             3 Digital Cameras

                             2 35mm Cameras

Sweeps: 2nd Floor (Level 3) & 5th floor (Level 6)

Teri, Tina, Cindy,Valerie & Craig = Team for this report/log.


2nd Floor - Level 3

PITT and OKCGC teams split off and PITT controlled 3rd level while OKCGC was in basement. Floor between the two teams insures no accidental contamination from opposite teams sweep.

Room 204 - Immediately upon entering Craig noted on walking log a steady temperature increase but no EMF changes or anomalies on tape or film.

Room 206 Band-Aid smell consumed entire group and smell kept moving around room. EMF spike (jumps) to .4 on several different occasions. Tiny incremental spikes from .4 to .7 kept occurring that lasted only 1-2 seconds. Each member experienced the Band-Aid smell; no temperature changes were recorded. No anomalies caught on film. During Band-Aid smell we got interesting EVP.  (EVP sample included - 1).  Tina received a strange anomaly on her walking log at same time, but too faint to determine what it could be, so we assume it is false positive data.

Room 207 through 216 - No EMF readings or changes, no temperature changes and no anomalies caught on film or with walking log (EVP). Rooms quiet.

Room 217 No EMF readings or changes, no temperature changes and no anomalies caught on film. There was a strange "growl" sound on Teris walking log. Sounds similar to a man with a trachea. (EVP sample included - 2).  Members reported a tingling and chill down their spine.

Room 218 No temperature changes but EMF meter was making small little spikes to .4 in this room. They were small tiny increments that lasted no longer than 1-2 seconds. EMF did not keep readings and we could not find explanation for small spikes. No anomalies caught on film or tape. Members experience a "chill" upon exiting the room.

Corner Hallway area - EMF meter started small incremental spikes again to .04. Tina and Cindys EMF meters registered nothing at same time. The corner in the hallway area felt extremely cold and all Members commented on it. Temperature dropped in that area but broken windows nearby render this as false/positive activity. Whispers caught on walking log too faint to determine if actual phenomena. Pictures taken show no anomalies. As we stood in that area, EMF spiked to .5 and .7 in one particular area which has been rare to get EMF readings in, normally. One member experienced "shakes" in their left hand that was uncontrollable for about a minute, but returned to normal. OKCGC member, Erik, also had strong smell of Band-Aids when entering 2nd floor. EMF readings were not gotten from any natural or man made source. Unexplained phenomena are the conclusion on this floor. Later on, small temperature increases were being registered with no probable cause for the increase of about 5 degrees.

5th Floor Level 6

1st walking log tape ran out and room announcement made during tape change, forgot to reinstated location when new walking log started. Members had a "perfume" smell that was overwhelming to everyone present. This entity we have experienced in the past and referred to her as the "Nun". She made her presence known by way of perfume smell and EMF spikes. During that time we took pictures in which we got two orbs around Cindys, head. (Picture below) She was experiencing the perfume smell when the rest of us werent at that time the picture was taken. In large sit down-area, Teri saw a shadow across the ceiling and Tina took a picture, which contained an orb in only one of the two consecutive pictures taken. Members had feelings of uneasiness and intimidation.


Teams went through severe battery drainage and went through 6 flashlights that evening. 2nd floor very active this night with many abnormal readings which we could not find a man-made or natural source to be the cause. 5th floor pretty quiets this evening with little in way of equipment data. Other strange anomalies caught on walking log are still undetermined if they are actual phenomena or not. Comparison with other walking logs and control cameras proved to be inconclusive. Very active night, although fairly quiet during sit down, however, several members kept seeing a "dark shadow" at the east end of the hallway but nothing caught on video to confirm this. 

EVP's are listed to the right and any Pictures we obtained can be found below.  Enjoy! 

Cindy & Friends
April 6, 2002

We don't generally post "orb" pictures however when this picture was taken we experienced a sweet perfume smell along with some rather high EMF readings, therefore, we find this particular orb picture to be of interest.  Picture was taken by founder, Teri, with her Kodak DC3200 Digital Camera. 

EVP1 - 4/6/02

EVP2 - 4/6/02

After EVP1 - listen to the background noise after you hear Teri say "I smell Band-Aid's real bad"
On EVP2 - Listen for a "growl/froggy" like sound.  What do you think it's saying?